Wings Asplode Against Sabres

Well. That didn’t go well at all. I blame everyone except Darren Helm and Val Filppula.

I don’t understand why everyone’s calling Chris Osgood’s performance “gutsy” and “fantastic.” I’m wondering if they were watching the same game I was. He was BRUTAL. He literally had to put effort into allowing the second Sabres goal, and he looked like those NHL videos from the 60’s on the rest. Ya know, the kind that make you go “Wait, where’s the goalie going? Why is he dropping to the ice and kicking his legs out when the shot is nowhere near him?” I know I’ve admitted to being a little harder on Osgood than he sometimes deserves. But he deserves this. Five goals against in 33 minutes is unacceptable against anyone, let alone a non-playoff team. So much for his promise that he wouldn’t return to 2008-09 Regular Season form.

Derek Meech sucks. Sorry, Derek. It’s true. Meanwhile, Kyle Quincey is a potential All-Star. Just sayin’…

Anytime now would be good for the first goal from either Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg.

Boy oh boy, Todd Bertuzzi, Jason Williams, and Brad May really are difference makers, aren’t they? And the fact that Kris Draper is benched so Brad May can play six minutes and turn the puck over time and time again should make all of us vomit with rage, but I still have to listen to “grit tuffness!” nonsense. Check the scoreboard and see where your precious toughness got you, fanboys.

I noticed Patrick Eaves MAYBE twice. That’s not to say he was bad, but…certainly didn’t stand out. Granted, it’s hard to stand out playing fourth line minutes. But Brad May stood out. In the “where is that pass going” kind of way.

Huge hit from Nik Kronwall. Which, apparently in his mind, means he can take the rest of the night off from quality defense.

On the plus side, Darren Helm played hockey. That is all.

Well okay, no it isn’t… Ville Leino seems much stronger on his skates than he did all of last season, which is certainly a positive. Valtteri Filppula seemed to be the only player on the team that cared.

114 thoughts on “Wings Asplode Against Sabres”

  1. It starts at the top, in my opinion. Why come down so hard on Bertuzzi when he's got as many goals as his linemates? Best players need to be better — all of them. Bert needs to be more involved offensively, but the real difference makers on this team are Z and D and they have done nothing offensively so far this season.

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