Uninspired Wings Don’t Care. Why Should You?

Show of hands, who wants dark meat?

Tyler says it all: not even worth talking about.

The Red Wings were shutout for the first time since the season finale last season against Chicago. They were shutout at home for the first time since March 27th against the Islanders.

They played like they were completely indifferent to the outcome. I’ve got very little to say, because much of it would be negative. So all I’ll say is this: Ken Daniels let it slip that we’re hoping to hear news regarding a new two-year deal with Nick Lidstrom. That’s positive. He can play until he’s 600 years old, as far as I’m concerned.

Here’s hoping the captain sits everyone down and whoops some ass. Someone needs to light a fire.

What’s Next?
Calgary on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving.

Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio, AP

102 thoughts on “Uninspired Wings Don’t Care. Why Should You?”

  1. The third period was just awful, but this team looked very good in the first and battled well in the second. The third was freakin' heartbreaking because you could feel the energy sucked out of the building and watch a few players droop their shoulders and accept the loss they felt was coming.

    Calgary on Friday will be better.

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