Trade Watch ’11 :: Wings kick tires on Bogosian?

***UPDATE: 1:50pm***
Conflicting reports now, as ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun tweets that there’s no truth to the Bogosian-to-Detroit rumors:

Regarding all the Detroit/Bogosian chatter, Ken Holland says via text that there’s ZERO truth to it; hasn’t spoken once to Atl about him

Fun while it lasted…and with this crazy part of the season, you never know what could happen.

Big thanks to Bob Duff of the Windsor Star, who tweeted the following this morning:

Two sources confirm #redwings have kicked tires regarding #thrashers Zach Bogosian, but say deal unlikely to happen.#NHL

He goes on to say that the Thrashers are asking for a high draft pick and one of Jiri Hudler, Jonathan Ericsson, or Jakub Kindl. If I’m Ken Holland, I’m making that Ericsson trade ALL DAY, BABY.

Duff continues, saying

If #redwings were going to pull trigger on Bogosian deal, you’d think they’d have grabbed a depth D off waivers today, but they didn’t.

I had a bit of a back and forth with Mr. Duff on Twitter about this point. I’m not certain adding a Wade Belak or Mike Commodore would signal an imminent move, but Mr. Duff makes a good point. If Ericsson (or Kindl, for that matter) were to head out of town, with Bogosian (or someone else) coming in, the Wings are down a player that knows their system heading into the playoffs. And we all know the general consensus of Jug Danik.

Just something to keep an eye on, I guess. Zach Bogosian is a former 3rd overall draft pick of the Thrashers (behind only Steven Stamkos and Drew Doughty), stands 6-3 and 215, and is the ripe old age of TWENTY. Duff leaves us with one nice little teaser:

If #redwings did land Bogosian, teamed with Brendan Smith, they’d be much better situated for eventual life after Lidstrom. #NHL

Indeed, sir. Indeed.

Just a reminder: we’ll be hosting a Trade Deadline Live Chat here at TPL — with many of your favorite Wings bloggers hanging out and shooting the breeze.

Photo Credit: Gregory Smith, AP

288 thoughts on “Trade Watch ’11 :: Wings kick tires on Bogosian?”

  1. I’ll be at work…but will still join the chat. If anyone questions what I’m doing I’ll just pretend it’s “research” for that night’s show.

    With all that said, I’m Progosian. Do it, Kenny. Send out Rig and a pick.

    Smith/Bogosian FTW.

  2. Does Ericsson understand the Wings’ system? Has this actually been proven, aside from the 2008 playoffs where we actually thought he had the potential to be good?

    I’m Progosian too. I’m going to ignore what LeBrun said and pretend that this trade can happen.

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