TPL Store: No Longer a Dream

That’s right gang, not only can you read TPL everyday, you can now rock out in official TPL-sanctioned apparel. Get your credit cards ready.

This has been something we have been working on for awhile now, and we wanted to make sure that we got it right. Not only did we want to provide all of you with entertaining t-shirts, we also wanted to make sure you were getting high-quality gear that won’t fall apart after five washes. In addition, we wanted to ensure that the buying process was easy and secure, and that if you needed to return or exchange something, it wouldn’t be a major hassle. Yes, we are THAT committed to you guys.

So with that in mind, we knew there was only one place to go: Underground Printing. Not only did they offer everything we were looking for, they are also a local business with tons of ties to the region and have plenty of experience working with blogs and bloggers. A few discussions later, and The Production Line Store was born. Not only will you get high quality apparel from the store, you’ll also be working with a great group of individuals who will make sure you get exactly what you ordered in a timely fashion. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I know, enough with the chatter. You want to hear about the shirts…

Jimmah: Celebrating the greatness that is Jimmah Tiberius Howard. Enough said.

The Dickster: One of the most popular characters to continually come up on TP:60, Hat Trick Dick’s whereabouts are now proudly displayed on a shirt for all to see.

Helmanity: It wasn’t so long ago that Darren Helm was breaking hearts all over Chicago. Celebrate all of Darren’s ridiculous plays and achievements in a shirt that pays homage to a legendary image that gave us a reinterpreted catch phrase.

Curly Fries: If there’s one thing Wings fans love almost as much as winning, it’s a free order of curly fries after a hat trick. Make a statement to your favorite Wings player during your next trip to the Joe, and maybe he’ll do us ALL a favor. It’s easy as 1,2,3…

And, of course…

Shirtuzzi: No explanation needed. It’s the signature shirt of TPL. Wear it proudly (in either red or white!)

So there you go folks. The TPL Collection. Have an idea for another shirt? Send it to us at We are always looking for new ideas, so don’t be shy. In the meantime, why don’t you head on over and pick up a few Shirtuzzis? Remember, Todd is watching YOU.

454 thoughts on “TPL Store: No Longer a Dream”

  1. My very own Shirtuzzi?!? And a way to finally express my true feelings for (free) curly fries? You guys rock 🙂

      1. I would want the helm shirt and the bertuzzi shirt in white, both large. You guys can email me (I assume you have access to my email when I comment), and tell me how you want to proceed with this.

  2. When I wear my Shirtuzzi, I will have to keep away from all mirrors. Otherwise, it’s “Gah! The Todd is staring at me!” These are amazing, guys. Can’t wait to place my order!!

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