TP:60 – Episode #16

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Finally. After almost two months of patient waiting and some serious sobering up, the TPL crew is back for another episode of TP:60 It’s Chris Hollis and Michael Petrella holding down the booth as Rob Discher is off Hosecopping his way around town, but that doesn’t mean the dynamic duo is left in the dark. Old friend and show regular Sean Gentille of the Sporting News stops by to break down all of the happenings in each of the playoff matchups, provide the keys to success for each of the series, and give Craig Custance flack for his Flyers love affair. The crew also discusses the benching of Mike Modano and the newly enforced ban on octopi being thrown in Detroit, which – according to Gentille – is somehow like the US War on Drugs. It’s another fantastic episode with an old friend of the show, which means you won’t want to miss a second.

Don’t forget: FREE THE OCTOPI!

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125 thoughts on “TP:60 – Episode #16”

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