TP:60 – Episode #15

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It’s official: The Wings are slumping. But that doesn’t mean TP:60 is taking the night off, even with a Wings game in progress. That’s right: It’s the first ever TP:60 recorded during a game. Hollis and Petrella are back in studio, holding down the fort while “Horescop” Rob Discher works his magic somewhere in Texas. Joining the fray are good friends of the show Triple Deke Tyler and Natalie from The Scrappy Octopus, as well as the newest TPL member, @stevieroxelle, jumps straight into the mix as well. The group takes a quick pass through the recent troubles that the team is facing before diving straight in to storyteller hour with Petrella, who regales us with tales of travelling with the Wings. Following the stories, the group tackles the comments made by Coach Babcock following the 4-1 loss to the Predators and tries to figure out who needs to step up and light a fire under the Winged Wheelers. Of course, it can’t be a TP:60 without the hat trick of questions, and all three sets of answers won’t disappoint.

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119 thoughts on “TP:60 – Episode #15”

  1. I can understand dropping Mo’s wife from the 1-Willa Ford or 2-Hillary Duff. Awkward more than fun moment for teammates being asked that one. But why not replace Willa with Carrie? After all Fisher is now a player on Preds, so you and your guests could certainly have some fun with that.

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