TP:60 – Episode #1 (Part One)

The wait is finally over. After a longer than usual offseason and a summer full of changes, what better way to welcome in the new season of Red Wings hockey than with a brand new episode of The Production Hour.

TP:60 is back and ready to get you through the last five days before the Wings drop the puck on the 2010-2011 NHL season. Sit back and relax as Chris, Mike and Rob launch the newly re-branded show with one of the most iconic of all Red Wings bloggers: Abel to Yzerman’s own Chief Bill Houlihan. Always outspoken and straight to the point, The Chief ensures that TP:60 lands with a splash as he and the guys break down everything from the extended offseason to the merits of Aaron Downey’s Red Wings tryout.

Not enough for a premiere? We definitely agree with you, and that’s why TP:60 takes it up another level with Part Two of the season premiere tomorrow. Tune in as the guys sit down with Sean Gentille from The Sporting News and Joe Yerdon from NBC Sports’ Pro Hockey Talk to get all of the insight on what to expect from the rest of the NHL this year, including Marty Turco’s chances in Chicago and Brooks Orpik’s straying knees. Chris and Joe also re-hash their longtime college hockey debate and the entire gang weighs in on a “Who Would You Rather?” between Mrs. Mike Modano, Willa Ford, and Mrs. Mike Comrie, Hillary Duff.

TPL and TP:60 also want to congratulate Doug Houvener for winning the voting battle to determine the official logo for the show. The winning entry took home 56% of the vote, and we appreciate Doug lending his creative abilities to the show and giving us such an excellent logo.

Questions for us? is your direct line into our ear, and don’t forget to tune in again tomorrow to listen to Part Two of the season premiere!

289 thoughts on “TP:60 – Episode #1 (Part One)”

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