Tatar continues hot streak in loss

The Red Wings dropped their second game of the prospects tournament on Monday evening, losing 5-3 to the Carolina Hurricanes. But, like a night earlier, the story seemed to be Tomas Tatar – who scored his third goal of the tournament and added an assist. The Sporting News’ Craig Custance had this to say on Twitter of Tatar’s second period goal (which came with one second left on the clock):

I didn’t see it but someone just said that Red Wings prospect Tomas Tatar just scored the goal of the tournament so far here in TC.

Johan Ryno rebounded from a statistically weak performance on Sunday with a goal – and by being one of only four Wings to finish with a plus rating (Logan Pyett led the boys with a +2). Defenseman Brian Lashoff was the other goal scorer for the Red Wings.

Jordan Pearce may have taken a half step toward Toledo allowing  five goals on 20 shots, a contest that is sure to be compared to McCollum’s a night earlier.

Game sheet available for viewing here.

The Wings play the Rangers prospects on Wednesday.

136 thoughts on “Tatar continues hot streak in loss”

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