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Shot Caller (2017) HD

Director : Ric Roman Waugh.
Writer : Ric Roman Waugh.
Producer : Ric Roman Waugh, Jonathan King, Michel Litvak, Gary Michael Walters.
Release : July 13, 2017
Country : United States of America.
Production Company : Bold Films, Participant Media, Relativity Media, Directv.
Language : English.
Runtime : 121
Genre : Drama, Crime, Thriller.

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Watch Shot Caller Full Movie Online Free. Movie ‘Shot Caller’ was released in July 13, 2017 in genre Drama. Ric Roman Waugh was directed this movie and starring by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. This movie tell story about A newly-released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California.

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  1. If he wants to be back it would certainly be good to sign him, but if he doesn’t, which is more probable I wonder if he could be traded on the draft day, or before free agency opens, to get at least a draft pick or something for him.

    1. I just don’t think he has much value if teams know he’s only going to sign in california. How much would you give up to get a CHANCE to sign Stuart before the other california team if you’re the ducks or the kings?

  2. If he wants to be back it would certainly be good to sign him, but if he doesn’t, which is more probable I wonder if he could be traded on the draft day, or before free agency opens, to get at least a draft pick or something for him.

  3. I voted Yes.

    If Brad Stuart is willing to re-sign with the Wings, I’m happy to accept that he can focus properly on playing as well as he did for the Wings as he did before the end of this season/

    1.  This is my logic as well. Once the decision’s made, I’m confident he’ll be committed and focused. I also think many people underestimate how big a void he would leave, and I’m hoping they don’t have to see the error of they ways just yet.

  4. I wanted to say yes, but instead said unsure. I think he is a very solid Dman and would like him on the Wings, but only if it didn’t affect the development of Brendan Smith. I don’t think it would, but I can’t be sure.

  5. I’m really trying not to hold out much hope for Stuart staying, because
    the risk of disappointment is so great. BUT there were a couple comments
    he made after the end of the season that gave me teeny tiny slivers of
    hope. I’m just
    so afraid of getting my hopes up about him staying, but I would be
    ecstatic if he did. Here’s my response to those who say “no” because they don’t think he wants to stay, or that he would play like he did the last couple months. IF (and that’s a HUGE IF) he decided to sign for another year, I think he’d have his head in the game. I
    think much of the issue at the end of this season was the uncertainty.
    If he (along with is family) made the decision for him to remain a Wing, I’d fully expect him to
    commit and be the Stuart we know and love. IF that were the case would more people welcome him back?

  6. Family and kids factor in way too much for some people’s decisions. Come on man, Parzival left that baggage behind when he went on his quest for the Holy Grail in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Parzival, one of the greatest German epics in Medieval history.

    So I say sign him. He knows he’s a hockey player and his obligations are to HOCKEY. Family can always come second. So obviously, I voted YES. Bring Stuie back!

  7. If he’s willing to come back, then you absolutely want him back. All of the negatives are related to his desire to be in Detroit.  He’s not coming back against his will, so those won’t be an issue.

  8. I’m actually fairly comfortable with Quincy stepping into his shoes. He was a bit inconsistent at times, but certainly not more than Stuart when it counted, and he’s shown flashes of brilliance with a couple of good defensive sticks.

    1. I don’t see any way Quincey comes close to filling Stuart’s shoes. That’s not so much a knock on Quincey (I expect him to be much better next season) but rather that I think many people are underestimating how valuable Stuart is. He’s a dependable, reliable, physical, goal saving penalty killing, D-man. He does his job in a quietly and humbly; and other than Suter, I don’t see anyone I think could truly fill Stuart’s shoes. I definitely think Quincey has potential, but in my opinion, he’s not even close to Stuart-esque. Do you mean you think he’s ready now, or that Quincey might grow into them?

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Quincey was in full form after a good full training camp with the team this fall. I don’t think he was a full replacement last year, but I also don’t see him as the kind of long-term investment that Ericsson and Smith have been.

  9. I’ll never forget him getting beat game seven, AT HOME vs Pitt to lose the Cup. Time to move on after what I’ve seen and heard from him this year. Thanks Brad for the good times.

    1. All the reasons Detroit lost that series and people want to drag this out. I guess we should cancel any plans of eventually retiring Lidstrom’s number because he missed an open net to end that game.

      1.  I agree, in fact.. We should probably get rid of that Lidstrom guy before he costs us another cup. Send him to California too!

  10. none of the potential external replacements outside of Suter look that attractive to me, except for maybe Bryan Allen, but that’s definitely a downgrade. the ball is in Stuart’s court: if he’s willing to stay in Detroit, then by all means, sign him. 

  11. No one who saw the video a few months ago of Stuart skating at the Joe with his two young sons can fault him for moving back to California. He’s going to leave a large hole in the defense, but he’s going to be much happier. And his kids will have their dad back.

  12. Tired of the Stuart haters over at WIIM, at least in the comments…but this was an nice balanced review of the situation. I think Stuart will be missed hugely if he leaves for San Jose or whomever. He has been our most reliable and possibly, nearly our most valuable defenseman since his arrival in ’08.

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