Scratch another one off the list

This morning, it’s being reported that PJ Axelsson has signed with Frolunda of the SEL for four years.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m heartbroken Axelsson won’t be joining the Red Wings, but he was a guy on the list we put together a few weeks back clarifying who might be a good fit. The former Bruin was one of the more expensive options from that article, so it stands to reason that he may have been priced out Detroit’s plans to pursue him.

Perhaps more interesting is whether or not he was receiving decent NHL offers. Not to put down the Elitserien, but it isn’t the NHL – and yet another quality NHL player is headed overseas.

This will, like the Hudler/Radulov conversations and Fedorov conversations, shine a bright light on the salary cap and whether it does more damage to the League than help it (a conversation for another day).

Long story short – cross Axelsson off your wish list.

111 thoughts on “Scratch another one off the list”

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