Red Wings Roundtable

Last week, Christy Hammond of Winging it in Motown and Hockeytown Blog sent me an email asking if I’d be so kind as take part in a Red Wings blogger roundtable, and – obviously – I said I’d be honored.

Over the next eleven days, each of the following blogs will host a question that all the others answered. The Production Line’s question – and collection of answers from our contemporaries – will be right here on Sunday.

Rob and I are sincerely appreciative for the opportunity and would like to send an extra special thank you Christy’s way. It’s been a really cool experience already and we’re flattered to be a part of it.

Today’s first edition is courtesy of Winging it in Motown. Tomorrow will be George James Malik’s Snapshots.

Be sure to check in with these guys during the next ten days:

The Triple Deke
Bingo Bango
Snipe Snipe Dangle Dangle
Nightmare on Helm Street
On the Wings
Babcock’s Death Stare
Abel to Yzerman
Motown Wings

100 thoughts on “Red Wings Roundtable”

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