Red Wings and anteaters are totally clutch

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing this guy around a lot more…


Red Wings 4-3 in overtime.
Mike S. :: $103 :: $5/goal + $20/Huey Lewis video + $1/Shutout Streak (4) + $20/allowing goal in first five minutes + $19/win
Nitz :: $45 :: $5/win + $=GW (Zetterberg)
Christine :: $40/shorthanded goal
Vicky B. :: $26/win
Ben :: $24.30 :: $20/reaching our goal + $1.30/Datsyuk point + $3/win
Baroque :: $20/win
TPL Mom :: $20/Flip goal
Marlon :: $20/allowing goal in first five minutes
Hollis :: $20/Michigan winning CCHA
Maria :: $15/Bertuzzi goal
Sara N. :: $12 :: $2/goal + $2/EuroTwin goal
Sara S. :: $10 :: $5/Datsyukian mention
Andy :: $9/win
Drew :: $8 :: $2/goal
Jenn :: $8 :: $2/goal
Rob M. :: $8 :: $2/goal
Brad B. :: $8 :: $2/goal
SigSeg :: $8 :: $2/goal
CaptNorris :: $5/win
Dena :: $5 :: $1/Murph slur (3) + $2/Kronwall point
Allison :: $4 :: $2/Flying Circus goal
The Production Line :: $48 :: $2/goal + $20/Huey Lewis video
TPL Dad’s 10% :: $46.63
If you’re interested in joining the fight and have a fun pledge you want to share with The Production Line, Herm 2 Hockeytown, and Children’s Hospital, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail. Check out the TPL post introducing the fun times and check out everyone’s pledges! If you’re on this list and don’t have a calculator handy — no worries. I’m keeping tabs on every single goal via a massive spreadsheet and will e-mail or Direct Message you your total at the end of the 11 games. 
I hardly remember the Canucks first two goals. They seem like an eternity ago. Come to think of it, I can’t remember anything before Henrik Zetterberg’s overtime winner right now. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have more clarity.
For the second game in a row, the Red Wings scored with 0.3 seconds left on the clock — but this time it was in overtime and bought us another point. Which was important because everyone on the planet keeps winning, too. Frankly, anything that keeps this team from going to a shootout is fine by me. What an unreal finish…

Prior to the game, Serven had a great idea via Twitter. $20 to the first person to record a video of themselves singing a TPL-endorsed Huey Lewis and the News song. I was happy to match that pledge, and another $20 to the next two as well. I figured it was a good investment, because I’d be able to do this:
Brett Lebda’s icetime tonight: 0:00. So…the same as me. That’s another thing we have in common (American, born in ’82, played in college, went undrafted, and NOW THIS!? Kindred spirits, I tells ya) 
Nightmare on Helm Street was mentioned by Fox Sports, as it was revealed it was Darren Helm’s favorite blog. I hope Drew and Chris are flying, because that’s pretty goddamn awesome. Way to go, boys. The Wings began their barrage IMMEDIATELY following the mention (and even broke the record for fastest two Red Wings goals: five seconds).
Todd Bertuzzi played Devil’s Advocate with himself (giggity?): often making dumbshit plays we all expect, but playing really strong in patches, too. He finally netted one, which I’m sure feels fantastic after going 19 without one. Let’s hope – for the Wings – that his confidence comes seeping back and he starts scoring again (and feel free to ignore the fact that he was back on a top six line with Dan Cleary’s injury…)
The Winging it in Motown thread (threads, actually) was an extra special breed of crazypants, with the anteater photos and whatnot. If you aren’t around during gametime, you should check it out once in awhile. Always fun.
1. Two points. Book it.
2. Big three turned it around. Two goals and an assist. Add Flip to that equation and you have six points.
3. Howard looked strong. The only reason the Wings got to overtime at all.
4. Blueline looked pretty whack for having 32 defensemen dressed.
A rematch of the last two Stanley Cup Finals. 

106 thoughts on “Red Wings and anteaters are totally clutch”

  1. Thought you wern't a fan of Lebda? Also, just wanted to throw this out there; Friday, The H2H game vs Wild, is also Jimmy's Birthday! We should get him a card.

  2. By the look on Berts face after the goal, I think that he was thinking of you and what he was going to do to you friday…..probably the same thing I'm going to do to Cindy tomorrow. I will be FEET away from her.

    Anteaters wearing sweaters FTW.

  3. I want to hear the entire contingent of H2H game-goers singing 'Happy Birthday to You' in Tiberius' direction during the game next Friday.

    …and make sure to yell it out "Happy birthday dear JIMMAH!"

  4. @Ma — I've got no beef with Lebda. I thought for sure they'd cut their losses with him and trade him (since it's incredibly unlikely he'll be re-signed), but I've always liked him as a player. I don't think he's a good fit for the Wings because his defense is suspect, though.

    @Dena — I can't wait to come face to face with Bert. I should have known it was going to happen because I'm jumping on to record TOV right now and the only time he scores is when I have to answer questions about it. HA!

    @JJ — That's a grand idea — I bet we can arrange that. I'll bring it up today.

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