Well. Shit.

According to Chris McCosky, there’s bad news for all of us in the Darren Helm Fan Club.

Stay tuned for a medical update on center Darren Helm. He was helped off the ice after sliding hard into the boards during a drill. He did not immediately return to practice. I will give a more complete update as soon as the Wings release some information.

I’ll update this post as soon as I receive word that he’s Mr. Miyaga’d himself back to total health and then checked the hell out of the doctors for assuming he wouldn’t make it back to practice.

Update #1: Helen St. James chimes in, adding that it’s a shoulder injury:

Quick update from Traverse City: Darren Helm has become the first casualty of training camp, as he took a bad spill into the boards this afternoon during practice at Centre Ice Arena and hurt his shoulder.

General manager Ken Holland just told me Helm “has gone for tests, and we should know more this evening.”

Update #2: Bruce “Highlander” MacLeod, breaks the worst news yet:

Darren Helm hurt in shoulder/collar bone area. Out 2-4 weeks with sprain.

Update #3: The Highlander with more detail:

Helm’s sprain to the coracoclavicular ligament. He’ll be off the ice for a couple of days. He said that the start of the season is possible.

118 thoughts on “OH THE HELMANITY!”

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