The Red Wings will be without center Mike Modano, who is “out indefinitely” after suffering a lacerated tendon in the right wrist during Friday night’s game against the Blue Jackets. Extra special thanks to Fox Sports Blohio, who didn’t even bother to show a replay and offered only a fleeting “a Red Wing is heading to the dressing room” before moving onto something about the rich history of hockey in Columbus.

All signs point to Modano being out for a few months, solving the Hudler/Miller/Eaves rotation problem for a few games — at least until Kris Draper returns from his torn groin, who is expected to join the team next week. From the sound of reports, Blue Jackets forward R.J. Umberger’s skate caught Modano’s wrist. He winced in pain as he changed into street clothes and headed back to Detroit with the rest of the team. He underwent surgery Saturday morning to repair the tendon, and look into some nerve damage.

If Modano is unable to return to the lineup before January 22nd, he’ll fail to make at least one of his performance bonuses — one that would pay him $100,000 for appearing in 55 games this season.

Justin Abdelkader will take Mike Modano’s spot as the third line center, but we all know how long we should expect line tweaks to last. Jiri Hudler (wut?) will take Modano’s spot on the point of the second power play.

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