Nov. 28 :: One More Time…

Quick and dirty today…

The Wings and Jackets finish their home-and-home, with a 5:00pm matinée at the Joe.

With the win on Friday evening, Detroit sits pretty atop the Western Conference standings, but Columbus is only two points behind (and an extra game played).

Literally less than 48 hours ago, the Wings were 2-1 winners on the strength of goals from the Mule and the Flapjack. Mike Modano was lost to a wrist laceration.

There are no former Wings in Columbus…

…just like there are no former Jackets in Detroit.

Wait, “Rusty” is a nickname for people named Ruslan AND Rostislov? Seems like cheating to me.

:: Detroit 2 – 1 Columbus, Friday.

Zetterberg — Datsyuk — Holmstrom
Thunderchief — Filppula — Franzen
Cleary — Abdelkader — Scuttles
Eaves — Helm — Miller

Lidstrom — Stuart
Rafalski — Rigbox
Potter — Cirque

Joey Mac

Jakub Kindl

Kris Draper [groin]
Chris Osgood [groin]
Mike Modano [wrist]

1. I think the most important thing to look at today will be how Jiri Hudler (and, to a lesser extent, Patrick Eaves and Drew Miller) plays. Will he feel more confident knowing that, because of Modano’s injury, he’s in the lineup for the foreseeable future? Or will he coast knowing that he’s in the lineup for the foreseeable future?
2. Jimmy Howard played very strong on Friday. Can the Wings expect the Jackets to only score once again? Also, I haven’t heard if he’s definitely starting again today, but if MacDonald gets the call — Hancock will have nailed it on TP:60.
3. Remember when Dan Cleary was unstoppable? Then I put him in my fantasy lineup.
4. Despite having played better recently, Todd Bertuzzi proved ONCE AGAIN he doesn’t belong on the ice in the final minute of the game when the other team has their goaltender pulled. He got schooled when he was flopping around trying to clear the zone… which he failed miserably. Several times.
5. Is anyone else still eating mashed potatoes and  pie from a few days ago? How long does that stuff last?


288 thoughts on “Nov. 28 :: One More Time…”

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  2. I had the last piece of pie for breakfast yesterday, pretty much the last bit of turkey on a sandwich roll heated up for a nice hot turkey sandwich for dinner. Now i’m moving on to regular scheduled meals.

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