Merry Christmas from TPL!

Yes, I know Disch said we would be hit or miss over the next few days due to travel schedules and what not (which is still true, FTR), but we did want to take a second to pull away from our gift unwrapping and XBOX 360 playing to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas. Here’s hoping that you are spending it along side family, friends and some tasty-delish food. Here’s also hoping that Santa was good to all of you on this Christmas morning, and I’m really hoping that he brought Dats a bionic wrist and Ozzie a smaller five-hole.

OK, I’m done with the jabs. Today is a day about love, family and not complaining, so I’ll wrap this post up with another MERRY CHRISTMAS and a genuine wish of good will and glad tidings to all of you.

Wait a second? Santa, where the hell is the Stanley Cup in that sack of toys? WTF old man?

114 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from TPL!”

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