Meet Your New/Old Red Wings

Alright, numberphiles. Get your inhalers.

With Red Wings Central’s announcement of the Training Camp Roster, we learn what numbers the new additions will be wearing this upcoming season. Jason Williams and Todd Bertuzzi take over their old digs in #29 and #44. Newcomer Patrick Eaves will be in Dougie Brown, Brett Hull, and Dallas Drake’s #17.

As of right now, Darren Helm is staying in 43, and Jonathan Ericsson kept 52.

A handful of notable call-ups and their reasonably-low jersey numbers:

4 Andy Delmore
8 Justin Abdelkader
15 Jeremy Williams
27 Ryan Oulahen
31 Daniel Larsson
32 Kris Newbury
37 Doug Janik
38 Thomas McCollum

At the moment, only five free agents have been accepted invitations. We’ve already mentioned goaltender Chris Whitley and forwards Willie Coetzee and Austin Fyten. No sign of Randy Cameron on that list, although we mentioned a few weeks ago that he would be in attendance.

The two new names are Francis Lemieux, a Grand Rapids Griffin, and local boy John Vigilante. Kyle at Babcock’s Death Stare has a nice write-up on the two of them – we suggest you give it a read.

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