Mainstream Media Fail!

There’s a nifty little screenshot for you from Sportsnet, one of Canada’s leading sporting news providers, falsely declaring that Jiri Hudler is staying with the Red Wings for this upcoming season. Even Scuttles looks surprised they ran with the story…

Solidifying his place at the top of the Wings beat writers rankings, Ansar Khan of MLive got an IMMEDIATE denial from Ken Holland. Turns out he’s still awaiting the arbitrator’s ruling:

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland said this morning that he hasn’t yet received the arbiter’s decision, but made it clear that this ship has sailed. Hudler is playing in Russia next season.

“The story’s over. He’s going to play in Russia,” Holland said. “We’re waiting on the terms (of the salary arbitration case) he has to (honor) if and when he returns to the NHL.”

Do I have to bring back the trombone sound effect for Sportsnet?

Because I’m sure the article will be taken down soon, here’s a screenshot of the whole article:

314 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Fail!”

  1. It's a good thing I overslept today.

    But it was pretty interesting to check through my tweets and see everybody freak out in the morning before it was revealed that Sportsnet just screwed up.

    Not a shock though, I don't think I would have bought it if I was awake when the reports surfaced. I finally gave up on Jiri a while ago.

  2. Certainly made for an interesting morning. Twitter almost caught fire with the report AND the retraction (which were about 43 seconds apart).

    Good times.

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