Loss Candy :: Five In A Row Was Nice

Since we didn’t get a pregame up before the San Jose game, I’ll offer up a few of the regular “tidbits” in the postgame instead. Don’t thank me all at once.

  • Bert: Fresh off of his moment of glory in Minnesota, Big Bert’s follow-up act is a clunker against an opponent who could have playoff ramifications for the Wings later this year. -2 with 4 shots on goal may not seem that bad, but I can’t think of a single instance other than a slick breakout play that Bertuzzi just missed high on where #44’s presence was actually felt on the ice. Oh wait…there was San Jose’s third goal where Bert jumped up early on Thornton during the rush, thus taking himself out of position to backcheck effectively and allowing Setoguchi to get position for a goal. Look, I’m not trying to hate on ol’ Todd here. I was just hoping he would follow up that “I love YOU, You love me, Let’s Go Hang Out and Maybe Chill While We Keep Things Awesome for Awhile” moment with a little bit better performance.
  • The Injury Bug vs. Scoring Depth: No word on the severity of the injury that forced Patrick Eaves out of the game, but there were plenty of repercussions from his loss. Chiefly, Detroit’s lines got jumbled up, guys were playing with different linemates and the chemistry was lacking throughout the later stages of the contest. That’s to be expected. The bigger question that will ultimately have to be answered is whether or not the Wings are prepared the compete and win games when the top guys aren’t scoring. The Wings desperately miss Valtteri Filppula – and probably even Mike Modano to an extent – because those are guys who put pucks in the net. Scoring depth is key and the Wings struggled with it mightily against the Sharks.
  • Dan Cleary: I guess I should call him out more. Two minutes after this tweet and BOOM on the board.
  • Hank Finally Tallies Again: Yes, I know he scored against Boston on the 11 days ago, but even with that goal, Hank’s only potted 2 goals in his last 17 contests. Assists are great but goals are better, sir.

That’s enough from me. Hopefully the lazy passes and lethargic work ethic will work itself out before Thursday. In the meantime, come get some loss candy:

Kate Upton for the boys (thx @Detroit4lyfeRob)

Channing Tatum for the womenz. Enjoy.

411 thoughts on “Loss Candy :: Five In A Row Was Nice”

  1. Overall it wasn’t a horribly bad game, Howard looked pretty good (not too happy about how many shots he had to face), but here are a couple points that frustrated me to no end.

    After an impressive and long penalty kill in the first (led by the aforementioned Howard) they failed to build off that momentum on their ensuing power play at the end of the period. Although it was still plenty early in the game, that was a turning point to me since they did absolutely nothing with that opportunity. You get something going there and I would think at the very least you ride that momentum through the period and go out 0-0 or even up 1 instead of giving up a late goal.

    Ericsson has got to have his head up and see Ryan Clowe there just waiting to block that shot and end up with a breakaway. I see that happen all the time playing in my crappy beer league, you get it in your head that you are ripping a slap shot no matter what, the difference is that I am playing in ‘a crappy beer league’.

    I am new on here and I don’t know where the H2H2 pledge drive is at right now or how exactly I sign up, but if it is still possible to get involved I will put down $10 for every game left in the drive that the Wings limit the opposition to under 30 shots. Maybe it is gonna have to take me stepping up and losing some hard earned cash to get those shot totals down.

    1. You may absolutely join the pledge drive. Just send us an e-mail (contact@theproductionline.us) with your name, any nickname you’d like us to use, and pledge details. We’ll take it from there.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Also, if you want to see pledges in play, click that little tab at the top of the page that says H2H2 Pledges.

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