Jan 7 :: Wings/Kings (that rhymes, Marge, and you know it does, ADMIT IT)

MC Ren: one of the Kings biggest fans, straight outta Compton.

The Wings and Kings play for the second time this season. Thursday, January 7. Another late one, boys and girls. Power nap.
1. GOOD NEWS! Henrik Zetterberg and Dan Cleary return. It’s like Christmas on January 7th (which, oddly, it actually is).
2. Jimmy Howard is starting for the seventh time in a row. Chris Osgood inconsolable.
3. The road trip started off great, then it hit a road bump in the suburbs. Getting back on track tonight would be swell.
The first meeting between these two clubs was October 15th, the Wings’ sixth game of the season. Detroit won that contest 5-2, improving to .500. After getting yanked in the prior game, Chris Osgood rebounded for the win, and goals were scored by Homer, Ericsson, Maltby, Rafalski, and Zetterberg. Pavel Datsyuk missed the game due to an undisclosed upper body injury.
Adversity. Adversity has happened.
At the moment, there are no former Red Wings in L.A. The two teams are familiar trade partners the past few seasons, however. Brad Stuart came over for draft picks, and Mathieu Schneider was acquired for spare parts (which included Sean Avery).

The aforementioned Stuart is one of two former Kings on the Red Wings, but he’s the only one that will be in the lineup tonight. Andreas Lilja is the other.

Raitis Ivanans
–Detroit was smoked by Anaheim, 4-1, on Tuesday.
–LA bullwhipped San Jose, 6-2, on Monday.
–Detroit Red Wings :: 21-15-6 (3rd in Central, 9th in West) :: 8-8-4 on the road.
–Los Angeles Quicks :: 25-15-3 (3rd in Pacific, 7th in West) :: 11-5-2 at home.
Dustin Brown :: Alexander Frolov :: Anze Kopitar :: Ryan Smyth :: Tutankhamun :: Drew Doughty :: Jack Johnson :: Jonathan Quick
Zetterberg and Cleary return, and the odd men out are Mattias Ritola (who was sent back to Grand Rapids) and Brad May. Ville Leino stays in the press box (good luck getting out now, kid). Depth chart starting to take shape.
Bertuzzi, who made up for his strong two-goal performance last time against Anaheim by playing possibly the worst game of the season, was bumped to the second line. Miller was bumped to the fours.
Zetterberg — Datsyuk — Holmstrom
Bertuzzi — Filppula — Cleary
Draper — Helm — Eaves
Miller — Abdelkader — Maltby
Lidstrom — Rafalski
Stuart — Meech
Lebda — Janik
Howard (starts)
Ville “I Have a .45 and a Shovel, I Doubt You’d Be Missed” Leino
Brad “Old People Can Be So Sweet” May

Injuries [theme courtesy of @RedWhiteBNB, reflecting on a Twitter conversation]
Andreas “I NOT A MEXICAN” Lilja
Johan “I Totally Paused” Franzen
Jason “Ring a Ding Kid” Williams
Niklas “Yo, What the Hell…You Gettin on the Freeway!” Kronwall
Jonathan “Rollin’ With the Homies” Ericsson
1. James. Tiberius. Howard. Seven in a row. There’s clearly a rift between Uncle Mike and Chris Osgood. Maybe it isn’t a good idea to run your mouth and claim to know more than your coach. Who knew? Anyway, on to a story that matters for the game: will Howard respond to Babcock’s confidence, rebound, and play well — or will he struggle like he did in Anaheim?
2. Chief has a feeling it’s Nick Lidstrom’s night.
3. Z and Cleary might try to make up for lost time. I bet Z nets one.
4. No three-point game, we need a win in regulation. LA is above us in the standings, but not much above, so a two point game, off-set with zero points for the home team, is necessary.
WHAT WE LEARNED vs. the Ducks
Nothing good happens after midnight.
This is a team rife with young talent, and one that’s sure to make sure noise in the coming years. Anze Kopitar is the one name that’s most intriguing to me – and I’d love to see him in Red and White, but the Kings would be retarded to ever let him go.

318 thoughts on “Jan 7 :: Wings/Kings (that rhymes, Marge, and you know it does, ADMIT IT)”

  1. Heh, "I NOT A MEXICAN". Perfect.

    Z scores, Cleary gets an assits, and Bertuzzi kills whichever celebrity is in attendance tonight. I just hope it's not Kristen Bell, she's a Wings fan, afterall.

  2. @Michael: That picture made my day. FUCK THAT POLICE! Rap before 95 was so much better than the pop crap they make these days.

    @JJ: Mmmm Kristen Bell… *Starts dreaming*

  3. @Andy, no lie, I custom-added 'Fuck Tha Police' to my Xbox and have it play on NHL10 whenever a penalty is called. Really adds to the experience.

    I also wonder what Kristen Bell thinks of the goalie situation. I remember an interview with her a while back where she said she used to write "Kristen Osgood" in her notebook at school with hearts around it. I'm just glad that they finally look the same age.

  4. @JJ — I will, without question, throw myself in front of Kristen Bell to protect her. After all, it's ME he's upset with…not my little Sarah Marshall.

    Also, don't tell my fiancee. No forget it, she already knows…

    I was actually thinking of attempting to get in touch with Bell's people to arrange an interview for TPL and WIM. If she obliges, I'll ask her what she thinks of Osgood's pine-ass.

    @Andy — couldn't agree more. Early rap was pretty awesome. I can't even listen to this shit anymore.

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