I have a feeling Malik want you to know where he stands

The newest episode of The Obstructed View is up and ready to jailhump your ears. Episode 17 (WE’RE GETTING OLD, BOYS AND GIRLS) is live and joining host/millionaire matchmaker Chris Hollis are George Malik of Snapshots, Jessie from Bingo Bango, and yours truly.

Get your fill of playoff talk, referee eye exams, nearly hitting Western Canadians on Arizona roads, flashmobs, shit-hole alma maters, and maybe — just maybe — a lengthy soul-spilling by our very favorite George. Truth be told, it’s completely and totally refreshing to hear him say things that we all are thinking and wish we could articulate properly. From now on, I’m calling Malik if I get stuck writing for work.

Books! Podcasts. Check ’em out.

123 thoughts on “I have a feeling Malik want you to know where he stands”

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