Housekeeping! (No Mint for Pillow Needed)

Yes friends, hockey is right around the corner. Before you know it, we’ll be regularly complaining about the NHL’s officiating, Rob will be rearranging furniture off of his balcony and onto his back lawn and Petrella will be wearing his Contuzzi shirt for the next 10 months straight. It’s a good thing.

As the Wings continue to tune up in Traverse City before the start of the exhibition season, TPL is also keeping busy. Between working out the kinks that come with a new home while also trying to get the site in good enough shape to endure the rigors of an 82 game season and playoff run to a 12th Stanley Cup, there’s alot still to be done…which is why¬†the three of us wanted to take another opportunity to remind you about the asks we put forth last month, as well as provide an update on where things stand.

TP:60 Logo/Music

This one vaults to the top of the list as it’s definitely been the most asked about over the past few weeks. We’ve received a number of great submissions for the logos and a few submissions for music, so thank you for sending those in. HOWEVA, we do need to drop some bad news in regards to the logos. Since the site itself is open to advertising and potential revenue, we CANNOT use the Red Wings logo or any of their trademarked properties in any way shape or form. What this means is that we need all of you folks out there who submitted logos to re-submit them without any Red Wings logos/trademarks so that we don’t get any letters/C&D orders from the Wings. We’ve followed up with you in e-mail about this as well, so please get those in as soon as you can. If you haven’t submitted a logo/song and still want to get in on the fun, e-mail them to We’ve pushed out the submission deadline until October 1st, so don’t worry about timing.

TPL Banners

Less important in the short term, but still very important to all of us at TPL, are the banners you guys have been creating. We’ve received some really good ones and they’ve been stowed away to be used throughout the season. We still plan on rotating those on a regular basis, so keep those entries coming.

The Shirtuzzi

…is most definitely coming, and the design is being finalized as I type this. We are looking into a couple of distribution systems for it right now, and once we get settled on that, we should have the Shirtuzzi ready for your personal enjoyment by the start of the regular season.


TP:60: The Debut

Put in on your calendars, because The Production Hour launches/returns on Monday, October 4th. Spread the word folks, because we’ve received tons of mails and tweets asking when the show would be back, and now we have a definitive answer. We’ve got an awesome group of guests lined up for the inaugural show, and we may even blow it out into two parts just because there is so much to cover. Obviously, stay tuned to the TP:60 website for all of the details, which will be updated almost daily now.

Get ready…October is just around the corner.

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