Hockeytown 4 Haiti Update

Just a reminder…

Head over to Winging it in Motown today to participate in our Game Thread. Each comment posted will send five cents to Haiti — and they need all the dollars they can get. Game time is 12:30pm, and the game airs on NBC (joy!).

It costs you nothing to comment and participate — unless, of course, you wish to contribute to the fund. If you feel like you can spare a few bucks, shoot Casey an e-mail at MrNorrisTrophy(at)

We encourage everyone out there to stop in and say hello, join us for what should be a great time for an even better cause. Go Red Wings — Go Red Cross.

Back to your regular scheduled TPL programming:

Bertuzzi sucks… Tiberius… Brett Lebda totally looks like a parking cone… Boohoo Chris Osgood… Shetuzzi Sighting… Hall and Oates reference… unsolicited boobies… Gator Gator Gator… Holy God I hate Todd Bertuzzi… glitter shirt… we miss you Michael Jackson… huzzah!… obscure movie reference… velociraptors… Goddamn it Todd Bertuzzi… Badger my ass, it’s probably Milhouse… Forbidden Love… The Leino Lounge… For real Brad May?… Scuttles… H2H… SNP… TOV… POS… NWA… RSV… Willi Vanilli… OH THE HELMANITY!… Flip is my homeboy… Spin-O-Tuzzi… Mulo… The Malocchio… tinfoil hat… The Fix… Best Name Nominee… Bob Seger… JJ Special… I Told You So… OMFGZtuzzi!… See what I did there?… Fat cheerleader analogy… chicken dinner… injury, injury, injury, call-up, injury… Protuzzi/Contuzzi… KABOOM!… Morning Jo… ManTuzzi… Chuck Woolery… Kris Newbury: Most Fascinating Man on the Planet… strange Italian anecdote… bodily function mishap…

Holy hell, we’ve had some fun around here, haven’t we?

140 thoughts on “Hockeytown 4 Haiti Update”

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