Help Others. Enjoy Cheap Hockey.

With hockey just around the corner, it’s time for us as hockey fans to step up to the plate and start dong everything we can to win the favor of the hockey gods. For those of you in the Grand Rapids area, the Griffins (Hi Kyle!) are doing their part by giving you the opportunity to step up to the plate and earn some major positive juju points (and help out those in need, of course.) Here’s the particulars, direct from Randy Cleves, Senior Director of PR for the Griffins:


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Grand Rapids Griffins and Fox Motors are collecting new and gently used coats and blankets, along with new hats, gloves and scarves, from now until Oct. 15 for Guiding Light Mission.

For every new coat donated during this time, donors will receive a voucher to purchase up to four Griffins tickets at $10 apiece for the Friday, Oct. 22 game versus Milwaukee. Donations will be accepted during business hours at the Griffins’ office at Van Andel Arena and all 18 Fox Motors dealership locations, including Delta Imports, Fox Acura, Fox Ford Mazda, Fox Honda, Fox Hyundai Kia, Fox Nissan, Fox Pontiac Buick GMC, Fox Saab and Fox Yamaha in the Grand Rapids area.

“We are excited for our first community event utilizing all of our affiliate locations.” stated Dan DeVos, DP Fox Ventures president and CEO. “We believe that the community will come together and help keep Michigan warm this winter.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the community to share their blessings with others. What better way than to make sure everyone stays warm this winter,” said Stuart Ray, Guiding Light Mission’s executive director.

For more details about the coat drive, please click here.

Randy Cleves, Senior Director of Public Relations (616-774-4585 x3046)
Randy Rice, Public Relations Manager (616-774-4585 x3026)

Winter is just around the corner and staying warm is something that everyone can relate to. So get over there, drop off a coat and cheer on the Wings young guns on the cheap for your troubles. Heck, you could even drop off your OWN coat since it’ll only take a few brews at the game before the liquid long-johns kick in, right?

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