H2H Ticket Giveaway

If you missed out on buying your official Herm2Hockeytown pre-party ticket and a seat to the Wings game against the Wild, you’re in luck.

The Obstructed View is giving one smart, beautiful, jailsexed fan an opportunity to join the masses celebrating this historic occasion. All you’ve got to do to be entered is send an e-mail to TOV, telling everyone what the first thing you’d say to Herm would be. The best, most creative submission, which will be announced tomorrow, wins a ticket to Hockeytown Cafe to party with the crowd and a ticket to join us at the Joe to watch the Wings destroy Pinky’s Stinkies.

Good luck! See you at Hockeytown Cafe and the game!

112 thoughts on “H2H Ticket Giveaway”

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