First Cuts!

**CORRECTION** Gleason Fournier has also been cut, according to John Hahn, Senior Director of Communication for the Detroit Red Wings.

The first cuts were made from the Training Camp Roster, leaving 50 by my count – a figure that includes the injured Andreas Lilja, Darren Helm, Ryan Oulahen. Players may not be cut while injured, per NHLPA rules.

The players leaving the Wings include and all but one prospect that has Junior eligibility:

49 Brian Lashoff – who by many accounts was the best defenseman at prospect camp. He is being returned to the Kingston Frontenacs of the OHL.
54 Gleason Fournier – returned to the Rimouski Oceanic of the QMJHL.
56 Andrej Nestrasil – returned to the Victoriaville Tigres of the QMJHL.
57 Landon Ferraro – returned to Red Deer Rebels of the WHL.
62 Brent Raedeke – may be the next captain of the Edmonton Oil Kings of the WHL.
71 Stephen Johnston – returned to the Belleville Bulls of the OHL.
73 Mitchell Callahan – returned to the Kelowna Rockets of the WHL.
Tomas Tatar is the final Junior-bound player remaining at camp. At least, the Wings hope he’s Junior-bound. His Slovakia team may have something to say about that.
The tryouts who were cut are:
65 Austin Fyten
66 Chris Whitley (thanks, Dan Cloutier!)
70 Willie Coetzee

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