I’m going to do my best to take the high road, and avoid mentioning that — for the first time since President Kennedy went back and to the left — the Chicago Blackhawks have temporarily stepped out of the land of perpetual mediocrity to win the Stanley Cup by beating the seven seed from the Leastern Conference. It is their fourth in team history – tied for dead last among Original Six teams, and with the Red Wings since, ya know, 13 years ago.

Congratulations to a place I called home for five years, Scotty Bowman, and all nine Blackhawk fans. Enjoy the rush — you’ve earned the celebration. This summer will be a nightmare for the roster, but for now — it’s all about never having to hear about Marian Goddamn Hossa ever again.

So ends the 2009-10 NHL season. It was a heartbreaker as a Red Wings fan — particularly watching a division rival eventually take home the Cup.

Tomorrow: Off-Season. 99 days until training camp opens.

180 thoughts on “FIFTY YEARS LATER…”

  1. The Cup will be back home in Detroit where it belongs next season.

    And I agree with the comment about Hossa. Totally!

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