Floating Heads

(Let’s see if I can get this to post correctly this time.)

I’ve managed to find some free time (shocking), and I’ve been meaning to experiment 外汇交易入门 with something completely digital. So here’s a couple of caricatures of a few forwards.

This is the first one.
Pavel still remains a challenge.
Haha, I could resist the text.

I’d like to do some more, but we’ll see if time frees up.

Merry Chrismtas from The Production Line

I despise this holiday, but that’s not going to stop me from drawing something silly.

Alternate speech bubbles:

  • What is a “Tumblr” and why do they want “sloppy makeouts?”
  • Do they want us to kidnap Shea Weber or…?
  • What is a “Shitbox” and why do they want it on fire?
  • Do they thing Ken Holland is Santa or something?
  • Why is someone asking me to get you some hooks, Huds?

You can comment with what you think Filppula could be asking Hudler about.

And Merry Christmas everyone.

Wing vs. Wing 2012 Calendar

The reason I’ve been M.I.A. (other than finals week stuff) is because I’m putting together a calendar for 2012! The theme is Wing vs. Wing, and each month features our favorite Wings players battling each other. Ever wonder who would win a staring contest? Who is better with the ladies? You’ll find out in this calendar.

I’m taking preorders right here at my Big Cartel store, ending tomorrow. Go get it!

Here’s a TPL exclusive sneak peek at one of the months:

A Home for Stevie

Fine looking gents right there...

When we asked Stevie to join Team TPL as our resident artist some time ago, we did it with the full intention of providing her a dedicated space on the site where folks could come from far and wide to check out her fantastic handiwork without having to scroll through pages and pages of posts. That was eight months ago and still no page for Stevie.

Well, the offseason has a funny way of providing time to do all of the site maintenance and upgrades we put off during the NHL season, and lo and behold, Stevie now has her own dedicated page here on TPL. Stevie: We’re sorry it took so damn long to finally get this up, but rest assured we’ll keep it updated with all of your artistic awesomeness moving forward. As a token of our appreciation, you’ll find a bevy of bronzed and shirtless horsecops with wine, cheese and grapes in your new office at TPL world headquarters. Enjoy.

For the rest of you, feel free to pop on over to Stevie’s new page and relive some of the memorable moments from last year as we continue the slow trudge towards hockey being, you know, played. You’ll also find a dedicated link on the menu bar at the top, so you can get your Stevie fix any time you want.