But there’s Loss Candy!

Final Score
2-1 Blues.

The Skinny
I didn’t see a second of this game (I was busy coaching in a loss of my own), but I did just see that they lost and that you’re owed something hot to look at. Did I miss anything good or what? Fill me in.

Loss Candy

Ms. Kelly Carlson…

And her Nip/Tuck co-star Julian McMahon, who I’m told is saucy.

4 thoughts on “But there’s Loss Candy!”

  1. The powerplay was shit. With the exception of when Kronwall got smashed, we didn’t stand up for ourselves at all, even though we were getting run all night. SO MUCH BULLSHIT.

  2. All you missed was a total lack of puck control, Kronwall getting boarded by Stewart (not Stuart) and a horrible power play, that went something like 0 for 7 with only 6 shots (including a 5 minute major)  Nah, you didn’t miss anything….

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