Behold: The She-Tuzzi in all her vileness


I wanted to take a quick minute to share with you the abomination that our dear friend Casey has created. This sin against nature is the embodiment of TPL’s favorite character, the She-Tuzzi. Somehow it seems fitting to have Madonna’s crypt keeper arms, fresh from carving a plea bargain into a cartouche, gracing the She-Tuzzi’s lovely, lovely, figure. Come to think of it, I think that “lady” lives in my neighborhood. I saw her last night, arguing with a raccoon. Stupid raccoon thought the Haitian earthquake was caused by global warming, then claimed it was “gettin’ too old for this shit,” and finally complained that cabs wouldn’t stop for him. 

Like I mentioned in the Stars pre-game, I’ve put links to the epic Where’s Bertuzzi and Where’s She-Tuzzi posts in the upper right hand corner of the page. For keeps. Keep the sightings coming!

349 thoughts on “Behold: The She-Tuzzi in all her vileness”

  1. Wow, that is just too hot for words. Great work, Casey. Please tell me she's auditioning for Jersey Shore, for real.

  2. I can deal with all of this, except the chest hair. I think She-tuzzi is going to haunt my dreams now. I love it.

  3. @Mariia — I'm starting to regret not getting that mad chest hair tatted onto me.

    @JJ — so wrong, so terribly terribly wrong. And that's why I love you. So long as you don't email Casey with TITSorGTFO

  4. @Mauvais — While I agree with you in theory, those Pharoah Arms haunt my soul. I can picture them when I close my eyes. They're burned onto the inside of my eyelids.

  5. @Michael – I guess I just don't think of the arms as being human and that makes it okay. When I stare at it and intellectualize that those are real HUMAN appendages, I get a little freaked out. It's better that I just assume they belong to a shaved cat on steroids or something other worldly.

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