As Promised: Charts

Nothing deep and insightful this morning from me as I prepare to don a flight suit and kick off somewhere between 10-16 hours of drinking and general shenanigans. Instead, you get charts. As promised, we’ve pulled together the line production charts that I slaved over so diligently last year, and they now live on the nifty toolbar right above this writing. Don’t want to play with the toolbar? No worries: bookmark away.

For those of you who enjoy these charts and were asking for them to be brought back: you’re welcome. I think you’ll enjoy some of the features the new charting system affords us, including the ability to sort by statistics and receiving instant results after a search. I’ve included a sample below for reference. For those of you that hate these charts: feel free to carry on. The actual talent on this site will have something better up in a few hours.

[table id=3 /]

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