122 thoughts on “And there it is…”

  1. I haved mixed feelings.

    I dislike his past, and I really dislike player baggage. I also dislike taking time away from Helm, Leino, and potentially Abdelkader if he ever gets called up.

    If this were any other player, I'd be jumping up and down, but it is not, we have a moral quagmire: the law said paying up would be punishment enough, but is that right? And, when the law 'fails' us, is it our job to punish the individual?

    On the other hand, 44 points last year, he could match or add to that. He has good size, and can be a power forward still (or, a good depth player), so, well see.

  2. Yeah. I'm with you. I'm certainly morally outraged (and that takes a lot because morality isn't really my forte) – and his inclusion on the Red Wings sends a very mixed message to the organization's fans about the caliber of human being they want around the room.

    In addition, he's not terribly skilled anyway. So it's not like I can get off my high-horse and rah rah the player, because I'm not even sure we got a good one.

    Clearly, this throws the whole salary cap off, and one of the previous 12 will be sitting for him. Is it Maltby? Eaves? Williams? The last one is doubtful because he also will be making a million five.

    Just such a poor move in my eyes.

  3. You could do what I'm considering – obtain a book on voodoo, a doll-sized Bertuzzi jersey, a stuffed orangutan, and a hungry pit bull.

    I'm hoping for season-ending knee surgery or something – it will cut down on his stupid penalties.

  4. Yep. I spent the afternoon reeeaalllly hoping he failed his physical.

    He did not.

    And I really can't wish injury upon anyone – especially as a former hockey player STILL recovering from knee surgery (that was done a year ago). But, if something were to get in the way of his being on that team, it'd be just dandy by me.

    Perhaps more civil lawsuits? I heard he was last seen in a well-lit alley kicking small kittens. There were 19,000 witnesses.

  5. I don't want to wish for an injury – but in my fantasy there is a successful operation and the repaired joint is even better than it was before. Just not until after the season is over.

    I just want him gone. 🙁

  6. Ooh, that scenario sounds great. Agile as a cat and eagerly awaiting joining the Chicago Blackhawks for '10-'11.

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