Operation Eaves: The Finale

Well, what a lovely surprise. The designer of the kick-ass poster (@JHowardDesign) woke up, opened his e-mail, and saw this awesome picture, along with a note from Mr. Eaves, who is very touched by all of your kind words, Hockeytown. Below is a copy-and-pasted note from Patrick:

To the Fans:

“I want to thank everyone who sent a get well card or left a message on this website with such encouraging comments. I appreciate everyone keeping me in your thoughts during this tough year for me. Between the cool poster and all the kind words, I was blown away by the best fans in hockey. The cards and comments brought up my spirits and I just want to thank all of you for your support. I look forward to coming back next season.”

Patrick Eaves

2012 Free Agents — Up Front

Continuing the post from a few days ago, it’s time to explore the free agents-to-be within the forward ranks. Joining the two goalies and seven defensemen are seven forwards who need a contract for next season — and two draft picks whose rights will be expiring sooner rather than later.

Grab another beer. There are lots of words.

Jiri Hudler, 28-years-old, UFA, $2.875 cap hit
81 GP, 25 G – 25 A – 50 PTS, +10
When Scuttles departed for the KHL after an arbitration hearing that awarded him a two-year deal with the Wings, fans of Hockeytown made up their minds. No matter how well he’d play, and the role he’d fill, he was constant trade rumor fodder and many couldn’t wait to dump him when his contract came up. 2010-11 was, admittedly, an adjustment year, as he got back into the groove of the NHL game. It was by no means a poor year — his production matched that of Todd Bertuzzi and Valtteri Filppula (particularly when weighted for ice-time and line partners). But it was this past season where he clearly shook the Russian rust off and became the player that the Wings needed him to be when they agreed to that two year extension worth $5.75M. Hudler was second on the team in goal scoring, and fifth on the team in total scoring, while playing a secondary scoring role.

PREDICTION: In my gut, I feel like he’ll walk. He’s certainly a useful player and his second line (with Z) was the most productive all season. Hudler isn’t nearly as useless as everyone pretends he is, but he may get out of town because that’s the “easiest” way to have some turnover on a roster that’s grown stale. I’d certainly welcome him back — for the right price — but he may be seeking a few dollars more than the Wings are willing to give a player of his caliber, particularly this summer. Wouldn’t be upset, at all, if he’s re-signed, I just have a feeling he’ll end up in Philadelphia or somewhere else that isn’t terribly annoying to Wings’ fans.

Tomas Holmstrom, 39-years-old, UFA, $1.875M
74 GP, 11 G – 13 A – 24 PTS, -9
Doesn’t it seem like Homer is twice as old as he really is? Poor guy plays the most physically demanding role on the Red Wings, and has been for decades. How his body has remained upright, and in one piece, is beyond me. The guy’s a warrior, and he’s served the team well — particularly as a net-front guy on the power play. No one, including Ciccarelli, has ever been more adept at playing that position, and no one can deflect pucks like he does. It’s an art. He is, by no means, a talented skater, nor is he as physically dominating as many guys his size. But he knows his role and gets the job done. This past season, he was expected to be rotated into and out of the lineup, and play mostly fourth line minutes when he was in the lineup. He played more games than Coach Babcock made it sound like he would, but Homer was still a little disappointed about the limited role he took on.

PREDICTION: I think he hangs ’em up. There’s been talk about Nicklas Lidstrom and Homer being so close that they may choose to go out together — especially since they’re the only two left from the Four Cup Crew. But, the time for Holmstrom’s ability to contribute in a way that he’d be expected may have come to an end. He isn’t interested in being a fourth line grinder, but that’s all that’ll be made available to him any longer in Detroit. I doubt that he’d be interested in signing elsewhere, nor would he be interested in signing a two-way deal and risk being a Grand Rapids Griffin. It may be the best time for him to walk away — the team is in need of a bit of a change, and even though Homer has the fire and has played well, he may want to step away from the game and stop feeling horrible pain in his lower back. One has to think that he will endure 100% cross-checks in retirement.

Darren Helm, 25-years-old, RFA, $912.5k
68 GP, 9 G – 17 A – 26 PTS, +5
Even though he’s a third/four line role player, the Red Wings go as Darren Helm goes. Despite a glut of middle or bottom six-type forwards, no one could seem to get things going when Helm went down with an injury. And, according to Mike Babcock, the wheels fell off the playoffs when Helm’s wrist was accidentally slashed open by Alexander Radulov’s skate. That’s quite a statement about a guy that scored fewer than ten goals, but it’s impossible to ignore the contributions that he makes both to the threat of speed and to the penalty kill. Everyone loves Helm, he’s the embodiment of the city of Detroit: he’s a blue collar, hard-working, take-advantage-of-what-you’ve-got kinda player and there legitimately may not be a faster open-ice skater in the whole league.

PREDICTION: He’s going nowhere. Not only is he a restricted free agent, he’s far too important to this team moving forward to allow him to leave. I can’t imagine, given the role he plays, that he’d be in for a HUGE raise, but he’s going to eclipse $1M on this next contract. How much more remains to be seen.

Justin Abdelkader, 25-years-old, RFA, $787.5k
81 GP, 8 G – 14 A – 22 PTS, +4
Much like Helm, Justin Abdelkader’s contribution comes on the penalty kill, and with few minutes each night. The two are similar, but have different skill sets, and may forever be linked a la Henrik Zetterberg/Pavel Datsyuk since they turned pro reasonably close to one another. Gator’s able to play center (having improved on his faceoff percentage) helps his case, as does his “hometown hero” standing — he’s a kid from Michigan, played at Michigan State, turned pro with the Griffins, and now the Wings — so he’ll likely be brought back in. There are some calling for his moving, since he may be a touch redundant and he can be replaced from within, but he’s a proven guy who isn’t afraid to drop the gloves and supports his teammates as well as anyone on the current roster.

PREDICTION: Like all the other restricted free agents, he’ll be qualified and I can’t imagine he wouldn’t be thrilled to re-sign in Detroit. I don’t think the Wings would let him walk, but once he’s re-signed, he may become the kind of guy that’s part of a trade to bring in a premiere forward. Maybe not, and we’d be okay with it because he’s a good kid, but you should fully expect that he’s re-signed in short order. Probably before July 1st.

Chris Conner, 28-years-old, UFA, $550k
8 GP, 1 G – 2 A – 3 PTS, +2 in the NHL. 57 GP, 16 G – 37 A – 53 PTS, +4 in the AHL
There was a time during the season that I thought he’d never get sent back down. He was called up when Patrick Eaves was lost to a broken jaw (and subsequent concussion), and he immediately found a spot in the lineup and found ways to contribute. Unfortunately, after a handful of games, he was injured himself (fractured wrist), and he never got into another game in Detroit. He was called up a few times, but would become healthy scratches when it became apparent the players he may replace were able to go after all. In Grand Rapids, all he did was lead (or fall within a few points of leading) the team in scoring for much of the season. He’s one of those guys that’s too good for the AHL, and will always have a hard time finding a role in the NHL thanks to his diminutive stature.

PREDICTION: I’d love to have him back, but he would likely find himself in a similar situation to this past season: bound for the Griffins since he can’t unseat any of the incumbents. He may be willing to serve as a 13th forward, a la Jan Mursak, in which case he’d be welcomed back with open arms. In the end, it’ll be up to Chris Conner: does he want a better chance to play (and collect a paycheck) in the NHL… or is he content popping back and forth throughout the season and being a member of a contender organization? Time will tell, but I’d bet anything he’s tendered an offer. It’d suck seeing him depart, but we wish the lucky guys well always.

Fabian Brunnstrom, 27-years-old, UFA, $600k
5 GP, 0 G – 1 A – 1 PTS, -2 in the NHL. 45 GP, 12 G – 23 A – 35 PTS, +6 in the AHL
Well, that didn’t quite work out. When Jan Mursak was injured in pre-season, it opened the door for an unexpected body to fill the 13th forward position on the Red Wings. There were incoming rookies like Gustav Nyquist, but we all knew that wasn’t likely given the Red Wings penchant for keeping prospects in the minors while they can. There were veteran free agents under contract, like Chris Conner. And then there were free agent tryouts like Ryan Johnson and Fabian Brunnstrom — they had the inside track since the Wings had another contract slot open and why not stock pile talent? Sure enough, it was the big body who won that last spot, earned himself a contract (with news of said signing broken by TPL Mom at a team function), and made the team out of camp. Things probably didn’t go as Bruno hoped — who admitted be probably should have signed with the Wings the first time, instead of the Dallas Stars. He was scratched for the first five games of the season, played one, scratched for three more, and then waived. He bounced up and down from Grand Rapids quite a few times (a total of nine transactions between October 29th and December 3rd), but spent all but five games in the minors. He was, essentially, a non-factor for the Wings.

PREDICTION: Well, I sort of assumed that he wouldn’t be re-signed, since he was usurped on the depth chart by Nyquist, Chris Conner, Joakim Andersson, and Tomas Tatar. However, recent news reports seem to indicate that he will be given another shot to earn his stripes and potentially play a bigger role with the Wings. I find it difficult to swallow… how likely is it that he makes the Wings next season, given that 13 forwards will be returning, and the team hopes to explore free agency? Sounds like he’s happy being a member of the organization, so he’ll likely be re-upped, but it’ll take quite a bit of a rebuild to get him onto the NHL roster.

Jamie Johnson, 30-years-old, UFA, $512.5k
76 GP, 21 G – 37 A – 58 PTS, +5 in the AHL
When he was signed two summers ago, it was pretty clear that he was signed for veteran depth at the AHL level. He’s never gotten a sniff, and he doesn’t even play in the split-squad pre-season games (meaning he’s likely bound for a permanent stay in Grand Rapids). Nevertheless, he’s a very important part of the Griffins (he tied for the team lead in scoring – with Tatar and Nyquist [Gus played 20 fewer games, however]), and he spent the vast majority of the season centering the club’s top line. It’s hard to understate the value of a player like him — someone who’s content playing on the farm (and making more than the league maximum for re-entry waiver eligibility) and pacing the youngsters. Where his place is on this team moving forward remains to be seen. I’m sure the Wings (and Griffins) would love to have him back, but guys like him come and go through all organizations (Darren Haydar, Andy Delmore, Garrett Stafford, Mark Cullen, Carl Corazzini, Mark Hartigan, etc. and so on), so he may be moving onto another new pair of cities.

PREDICTION: I bet he’s offered a deal similar to the one he has now (league minimum-ish at the NHL level, $200-300k in the AHL instead of the usual $105k veteran number), but I wouldn’t be shocked to hear he’s signed with the Boston Bruins or Calgary Flames or whatever. If, this summer, the Wings decide that they need an organization shake-up at all levels, then Johnson will likely be looking for employment elsewhere. But, if the Wings decide that they’re going to continue to toe the familiar line and they don’t want a ton of turnover on any of their rosters, then he’ll return and potentially captain the Griffins.

Chris Minard, 30-years-old, UFA, $525k
39 GP, 21 G – 11 A – 32 PTS, +11 in the AHL
What a story. Chris Minard finished last season on the shelf with a concussion, and began this one in the same manner. He opened the season on long-term injured reserve and wasn’t able to be waived (with the intention of being demoted) until January 13th. After missing nearly an entire calendar year, he dropped back into the Griffins’ lineup and tore it apart, averaging nearly a point-per-game after that. He was 2011-12’s winner of the Fred T. Hunt Award, which is the AHL’s version of the Masterton Trophy for dedication to hockey, sportsmanship, and determination. Like Johnson, he’s on a two-way deal, but his AHL salary is above the veteran maximum reserved for exemption from re-entry waivers. In fact, Minard was one of the five most highly-paid players in the AHL (in terms of AHL salary… not hidden one-way deals like Redden) and he definitely was a kick-ass part in the Griffins’ machine.

PREDICTION: It’s hard to say. He’s certainly earned his way to another contract, but it remains to be seen if he — like Johnson — is in the Wings’ plans for the Griffins. Neither served as Black Aces for the brief playoff run, and both could very likely serve important veteran roles in any organization’s depth chart. But what’s working in the Red Wings’ favor is that Minard has a home in the Grand Rapids area and he and his wife just welcomed a child… he may be looking for a place to call home for longer than a year at a time. Thirty is too old to be bouncing around every August.

Brooks Macek, 20-years-old, unsigned draft pick
54 GP, 14 G – 24 A – 38 PTS, +8 in the WHL

Unlike all of the players mentioned in this and the last post, Brooks Macek isn’t under contract with the Red Wings. Instead, he’s a draft pack whose exclusive rights are set to expire (on June 1st). If the Wings fail to sign him (or choose not to), he may sign with another club or, potentially, re-enter the NHL Draft. Every so often, the Wings opt not to sign a draft pick — sometimes they sign with another club (Zack Toquato and Randy Cameron), sometimes the Wings have the Griffins and/or Walleye sign them (Bryan Rufenach). Either way, they likely don’t factor into the Red Wings’ future plans, and that’s where I see Brooks Macek ending up this summer. The Wings have quite a few contract slots open, but he hasn’t done anything that’s forced the Wings to sign him — and he’ll be able to continue playing professional hockey without one of them. For the one Wings prospect that refers to the Winnipeg Jets as “we” on Twitter, I’d suspect that he’s anxious to sign elsewhere.

PREDICTION: I doubt he’s signed — at least by the Red Wings. Perhaps he’s offered a “tryout” deal, to come to training camp, where he can earn a place with the Griffins or Walleye. But don’t expect him to be signed by the Detroit Red Wings’ parent team.

Julien Cayer, 23-year-old, unsigned draft pick
30 GP, 5 G – 5 A – 10 PTS, 30 PIM in the NCAA
Like Macek, Cayer is an unsigned draft pick. Unlike Macek, he’s been on the Wings radar for four years. Collegiate prospects have a four-year window to be signed (Macek and other juniors get two) and Cayer is set to graduate from Clarkson University. He never really matured into a player that has a major professional hockey career, but he may get a similar deal to Macek — a tryout that turns into a minor pro deal.

PREDICTION: He’ll be in camp, because the Wings are good to their prospects in that way, unless Cayer wants to play closer to home (Quebec) and asks for his outright release so that the Canadiens can offer him a similar deal. He very likely won’t play into the Red Wings’ future plans.

Photo Credits: Jiri Hudler (AP File Photo); Tomas Holmstrom (Claus Andersen, Getty Images North America); Darren Helm (Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images North America); Chris Conner (Getty Images); Fabian Brunnstrom (AP File Photo); Jamie Johnson (Bobby Pulte Visual Media); Chris Minard (Grand Rapids Griffins); Brooks Macek (Al Charest, Calgary Sun, QMI Agency); Julien Cayer (Clarkson Athletics)

2012 Free Agents — G’s and D’s

With the season behind us, it’s time to look toward the off-season. All contracts expire on July 1st, and the following players don’t yet have deals for next season. Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA) will become outright free agents on the 1st, free to sign with any team they like. Restricted Free Agents (RFA) may sign “offer sheets” from other teams, but the Red Wings will have the ability to match the offer. If they choose not to match, they’ll be awarded draft pick compensation (assuming certain salary benchmarks are met).

This is a long one. Buckle up, grab a beer, and enjoy!

Of course, all of this information is available on , so feel free to check that out, as well. Originally this was going to explore ALL of the free agents-to-be, but I’ve split it up into the back half and the front half. Stay tuned for the forwards.

Ty Conklin, 36-years-old, UFA, $750k cap hit
5-6-1, 3.28 GAA, .884 sv% in the NHL; 8-4-0, 2.40 GAA, .915 sv% in the AHL

I think it’s fair to say that Ty Conklin played himself out of an extension in Detroit. Following a pair of rough seasons in St. Louis, it made a lot of sense to sign him to back-up Jimmy Howard, particularly since he had a great first time through the organization. After a season-opening shutout, Conklin metaphorically crapped the bed all season, going 5-7 and even being demoted to Grand Rapids after Jimmy Howard returned from injury (with Joey MacDonald proving to be the more reliable backup). While in Grand Rapids, Ty Conklin resurrected the Griffins’ playoff hopes, but his services were needed late in the season when Joey MacDonald went down with a back issue. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that Conklin was a team player the whole season, and always had a smile, even in Grand Rapids where I’m sure he didn’t want to be playing.

PREDICTION: Unfortunately, this may have been the last chance for Ty Conklin in the NHL. It’s been quite a few seasons since he’s shown that he can be a reliable goaltender at this level and, sadly, he may have run out of teams willing to give him a shot – particularly as he was not claimed via waivers OR re-entry waivers. With MacDonald and Jordan Pearce under contract for next season (and Petr Mrazek’s deal starting next year), there certainly isn’t room for Conklin within the Red Wings. Fare thee well, Ty.

Thomas McCollum, 22-years-old, RFA, $846k cap hit
11-16-0, 3.49 GAA, .891 sv% in the AHL; 6-6-2, 2.62 GAA, .909 sv% in the ECHL
It’s been a weird ride for . After being a first round pick in the 2008 Draft, and thoroughly dominating the OHL, he’s had a very rough time in the professional ranks. All three years of his entry-level deal have expired and he hasn’t even established himself as an American Hockey League goaltender. Hell, his numbers in the ECHL aren’t even all that extraordinary. In fifteen minutes of NHL play, he was annihilated for three goals on eight shots. The Wings brought in veteran Joey MacDonald two seasons ago, clearly in an effort to calm McCollum’s game down. Unfortunately it hasn’t worked and McCollum finds himself in dire straights.

PREDICTION: You never want to use the word “bust” for a young player (particularly a goaltender), but four years after his Draft, he still hasn’t been able to regain any of the confidence and ability he showed early in his hockey career. In any other circumstance, you’d have to assume that he wouldn’t be signed, but the Wings won’t easily give up on a player picked in the top round (particularly since they rarely have those anyway). One of the Wings’ scouts may have spilled the beans earlier in the season, when he mentioned that McCollum will be splitting the Griffins net next season with Petr Mrazek (who, as we mentioned above, will be turning pro). Pearce is still under contract, too, so it’s likely that one of those guys will platoon in Toledo, just as McCollum/Pearce have been doing for a few seasons. Rumor has it he’ll be re-signed, but don’t be surprised if he’s offered an AHL-only contract by the Griffins so that he doesn’t count against the Red Wings’ fifty contract limit.

***UPDATE*** Per our good friend @Kyle_Kujawa of the Grand Rapids Griffins, Thomas McCollum IS still under contract for another season, since the entry-level slide-rule also applies to minor leagues, as it would in junior leagues. As a result, McCollum will not need to be re-signed — he has another year remaining on his deal.

Nicklas Lidstrom, 42-years-old, UFA, $6.2M cap hit
70 GP, 11 G – 23 A – 34 PTS, +21
If you had asked me prior to the season, I would have told you that this was going to be Nick Lidstrom’s final season no matter what happened in the playoffs. As the season went on, I changed my mind… he played so well, even better than a year ago when he won his seventh Norris Trophy. He may have lost a tiny step from Lidstrom of Old, but he is absolutely one of the best blueliners in the game, even at 41. Then, for the first time in his career, he suffered a significant injury. The robotic, near-perfect Nicklas Lidstrom, who had only missed twenty-ish games over a legendary career, missed eleven with a “deep ankle bone bruise” after blocking a shot at the end of February. He returned in time to play seven games before the post-season, but it was clear he was still hobbled a little bit (and he finally admitted after the first round loss that he was not where he would have liked to have been to play). No one would blame him if he walked away, having served two decades of unbelievable service… but his departure (whenever it comes), will leave an unfillable void on the back end.

PREDICTION: If forced to wager a guess, I’d say that he does, in fact, call it a career. There’s no doubt that he still has a fire for the game, and that he’s still a phenomenal talent. But it’s also clear that he’s slowing down a touch and that won’t please Nicklas Lidstrom. He’s a perfectionist and always has been… being 90% Nicklas Lidstrom is better than just about anyone else at 100% But it probably isn’t good enough for Nicklas Lidstrom. Make no mistake: if he wants to return and play again, he will. For as much as I think this team needs a bit of turnover, subtracting Nick Lidstrom cannot and will not improve this team. Regardless of who is tapped to replace him. He may not be the defenseman he once was, but he has – by no means – regressed out of NHL caliber play. It’s just a matter of if Lidstrom wants to stick around long enough for that to happen. And I’d bet that he doesn’t.

Brad Stuart, 32-years-old, UFA, $3.75M
81 GP, 6 G – 15 A – 21 PTS, +16
This is the one entry that doesn’t need a lot of explanation — it’s basically a foregone conclusion that he’s headed back west. For as much as we’ll rag on him for leaving, no one can blame him for his reasons. His family stayed back home (if I remember correctly, his wife has joint custody of a daughter from a previous relationship) and he’s getting home sick. When asked if he’d re-sign in Detroit, he said as much as you could without actually saying the words, “yeah, this is it for me.” If Nick Lidstrom chooses to retire and Brad Stuart departs, the blueline is going to look quite a bit different in 2012-13. After a West Coast swing late in the regular season, he looked particularly lost — almost as if his heart stayed back home with family. He completed the first round with a League-worst -5 rating (at the time).

PREDICTION: Mr. Stuart is probably already back in California. He’s as good as gone. Of course, there’s an outside chance that they’ll offer him something that he can’t refuse, but it’ll take some amazing wheeling and dealing. If I’m Ken Holland, I respect his decision to return home, but ask if he’d be so kind as to let us trade his negotiating rights to one of the teams that he’ll deem acceptable so that we can get something in exchange for him. Last season, James Wisniewski garnered a late-round pick and that’s better than nothing. Mr. Holland may choose to let him play out his days as a Detroit Red Wing as a thanks for his service (including voluntarily re-signing after his initial deal had expired).

Kyle Quincey, 26-years-old, RFA, $3.125M
72 GP (18 with Detroit), 7 G – 19 A – 26 PTS, -1

The lone trade deadline acquisition that this team made was flipping a first round pick (and a low-end prospect) to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Kyle Quincey, who had been acquired a few minutes earlier from the Colorado Avalanche. With this upcoming draft class looking the weakest in years, it was the right time to move a top pick for a guy that the team hoped would replace a sure-to-depart Brad Stuart. Quincey is a restricted free agent and will need to be qualified at his current salary +10% for the Red Wings to hold onto his rights. With an impressive first couple of games back in Detroit, the feelings were good — they had a young defenseman that they probably shouldn’t have let go of in the first place, and he was quasi-locked in based on his contract. However, he failed to impress as time moved along, and he proved to be a bit of a liability at times. Considering he’ll need to be offered more money that Jonathan Ericsson makes just to be qualified, there’s a bit of a question mark now. Fun fact: he and Brendan Smith were the only Detroit Red Wings to be suspended this season (Quincey for an elbow to Florida Panther Tomas Kopecky’s melon).

PREDICTION: I believe that he’ll be re-signed. Quincey wasn’t acquired to be a rental, and moving the first round pick was proof-positive of that. Although his price tag is going to be a bit painful, I’m not sure that Ken Holland is willing to part with him after 18 regular season games and five playoff games, even though he can be replaced by a similar-quality player, and arguably for cheaper. The PR hit of allowing him to walk would be bad… but it’d be better than hanging on to a player that doesn’t have a fit here (if the team decides, in fact, that he does not), but I’d bet just about anything he’ll be re-signed (or, at least, qualified so that his rights are maintained in the event that someone sends him an offer sheet — albeit unlikely).

Doug Janik, 32-years-old, UFA, $512,500
9 GP,  0 G – 1 A – 1 PTS, +2 in the NHL; 67 GP, 10 G – 23 A – 33 PTS, +19 in the AHL
I know we make a lot of fun of Jug Danik around here, and many times it’s deserved. But, truth be told, he’s a hell of a guy to have waiting in the wings in Grand Rapids to fill in for an injury on the big club. He’s a legitimate borderline NHLer/top AHLer and you can never have enough of those guys — you just hope that you don’t have to use them more than a game here and there. He didn’t make much of an impact in Detroit this season, having played only nine games, but he was very important to the Grand Rapids Griffins, where he provided depth and killer leadership for young blueliners coming up through the ranks, like Brendan Smith and Brian Lashoff.

PREDICTION: He’s coming off of his third season as a Detroit ringer, so he may be interested in re-signing, even if it means sticking around Grand Rapids. He will very likely not get a better offer on the free agent market, and the life of a fringe player is not terribly glamorous. Prior to the three years in Detroit/Grand Rapids, he played for four NHL teams in three years — and he didn’t play much. At 32, he’s thinking about his future and he likely knows that he may never get a legitimate shot at the NHL again, so why not stick around somewhere that treats you right and gives you instant knockout a chance to play when you’re needed on a quality club? Of course, the team may choose not to re-sign him, instead opting to round out their numbers with their own prospects or younger guys, but I bet he’s signed by Detroit again. Like I said, for an 8th/9th defenseman who spends 90% of the season on the farm, you simply cannot do better than Doug Janik. Adding to the “pro” column is the fact that the Wings are bringing over Adam Almquist to play in Grand Rapids next season… having him sit next to a pro with the NHL experience that Janik has could be beneficial to the young man.

Garnet Exelby, 30-years-old, UFA, $600k
75 GP, 7 G – 14 A – 21 PTS, +8, 177PIM in the AHL
Exelby served as the captain of the Grand Rapids Griffins this season, and provided an intimidating aura to a team that — like its parent club — is build around finesse. When he was signed over the summer, I assumed he would compete with Doug Janik for that first call-up position, and serve the Red Wings as a veteran on-call, half-expected to mentor the youngsters in Grand Rapids and provide that sometimes-needed grit with fists that the Wings lack. Alas, he never received a call-up to Detroit, and spent the entire season in Grand Rapids, where he led the team in penalty minutes (by a mile) from beginning to end.

PREDICTION: It all depends on what Mr. Exelby wants out of his career. It seems to be doing a little bit of regressing — he played five full seasons for the Atlanta Thrashers before signing with Toronto, where he played one year as a Leaf, and signing with Chicago — where he never cracked an NHL game, just like Detroit. The last two seasons have been spent in the American Hockey League, albeit with the farm clubs for much better hockey organizations than the Thrashers and Leafs were when he had those chances. Perhaps he’s content playing within an organization like those, but it looks like his NHL days may be behind him. He may find a suitor in need of some toughness and veteran experience for the back-end, but he probably won’t be finding any one-way deals knocking on his door. He was enjoyed in Grand Rapids, and may be offered a chance to return and serve as captain again, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he’d gone looking for greener pastures.

Travis Ehrhardt, 23-years-old, RFA, $533k
41 GP, 1 G – 6 A – 7 PTS, +6 in the AHL
For the third season in a row, Travis Ehrhardt was in Grand Rapids without a call-up to Detroit. And, also for the third season in a row, he failed to play any more than half a season due to injuries. One of the Red Wings’ quintessential “bonus draft picks,” Ehrhardt was undrafted in ’09 and signed to a deal, and he hopped from a very productive CHL career into an underwhelming professional career. The injuries, of course, aren’t his fault and I’m sure the Wings would love to see what he’s got given a full season of health. He’s a restricted free agent and the Red Wings will very likely qualify and re-sign him, but I wouldn’t expect to see him in Detroit anytime soon (if at all) given his history with the Griffins and the way that other prospects continually leapfrog him on the depth chart.

PREDICTION: He’ll be re-signed. No sense in letting him walk, unless he hopes to find a better situation elsewhere. But I have a hard time believing, given his injury history, there’d be a TON of interest from teams that know less about him than the Red Wings do. He won’t have to clear waivers next season (unless my math is fuzzy), so there’s literally no harm at all in extending the offer for another year or three.

Logan Pyett, 23-years-old, RFA, $525k
73 GP, 2 G – 25 A – 27 PTS, -1 in the AHL
Here’s where things are going to get tricky. It’s been six years since the Wings drafted Pyett, who actually played on the 2008 Canadian WJC team that won a gold medal. He has yet to earn a call-up to the big squad, and needed to clear waivers this past season to be assigned to the Griffins. There was no doubt that he’d clear them, considering he’s yet to prove he can play at the NHL level, but one has to wonder how much time a prospect has before the team that drafted him moves on. I don’t think this is the time, however. The Wings obviously dig him and have spent quite a few years developing the player. There are other forces at play here: the American Hockey League has a rule about how many “veterans” can dress at a time, and Pyett’s 288 professional games played certainly meets that benchmark. If the Wings would rather have a guy in that slot that can be trusted with NHL duty (like a Janik or Exelby), they might choose not to sign Pyett.

PREDICTION: I believe that he will be re-signed, again because he’s a restricted free agent. He may not get a chance to play in Detroit as a call-up next season, either, so perhaps he’s hoping for another squad that will let him loose and give him the shot I’m sure he’s yearning for. He is by no means a “poor” performer at the AHL level, so there might be another team that could use his brand of hockey. Stay tuned.

1. Jimmy Howard (signed for one more year)
2. Joey MacDonald (signed for one more year)
3. Jordan Pearce (signed for one more year)
4. Petr Mrazek (turning pro, signed until 2015)
5. [Thomas McCollum (restricted free agent)]
6. Daniel Larsson (team never loses his NHL rights, no plans to come back to North America)

1. Niklas Kronwall (signed until 2019)
2. Ian White (signed for one more year)
3. Jonathan Ericsson (signed for two more years)
4. [Kyle Quincey (restricted free agent)]
5. Jakub Kindl (signed for one more year)
6. Brendan Smith (signed for one more year)
7. Brian Lashoff (signed for one more year)
8. [Travis Ehrhardt (restricted free agent)]
9. [Logan Pyett (restricted free agent)]
10. Gleason Fournier (signed for two more years)
11. Adam Almquist (turning pro, signed until 2014)
12. Xavier Ouellet (ineligible to turn pro, signed to entry-level deal)
13. Ryan Sproul (ineligible to turn pro, signed to entry-level deal)
14. Alexander Seluyanov (team never loses his NHL rights, no plans to come to North America)
15. Ole-Kristian Tollefsen (team never loses his NHL rights, no plans to come back to North America)

Photo Credits: Ty Conklin (Dave Sandford, Getty Images); Thomas McCollum (Bruce Bennett, Getty Images); Brad Stuart (David Guralnick, The Detroit News); Nicklas Lidstrom (Christian Petersen, Getty Images); Kyle Quincey (David Guralnick, The Detroit News); Doug Janik (Bruce Bennett, Getty Images); Travis Ehrhardt (Unknown); Garnet Exelby (Bobby Pulte Visual Media); Logan Pyett (Grand Rapids Press File Photo)

Building the New Dynasty

UPDATE: The reason Jiri Hudler and Tomas Holmstrom aren’t listed anywhere below is because they’re both unrestricted free agents, meaning that they’re no longer Red Wings unless they’re re-signed. Homer might retire (and if he doesn’t, he should have), and Jiri Hudler may chase dollars elsewhere. They don’t have trade value because they’ll be free to whoever wants them on July 1st. Sure, you could trade their negotiating rights, but certainly not for what you’re hoping to get to plug these holes. Last year, James Wisniewski drew a sixth round pick in exchange for the negotiating rights… Hudler won’t even draw that. Holmstrom, God love him, might have to call it a career and we’ll miss him dearly. But the more things change, the more we’ll have to deal with saying goodbye to long-loved heroes like him.

For some perspective, I’ll send it to Nashville Predators head coach :

We used to look up at Detroit, feeling that we were a little inferior in terms of talent or whatever it may be. I think we’ve grown to the point where we have a great respect for the Detroit Red Wings but we’re not in awe of them.

And therein lies the rub. No one’s afraid of the Red Wings anymore. They’re and no longer have an aura of mystique. Coach Babcock wants to get deeper (after mentioning that the Predators were the deeper team), and I’ve already called for some roster movement. While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I think we’re at a place where we can look at this logically and objectively. Let it be known that I absolutely hate playing these games because it never works out the way we think it’s going to… and it’s (essentially) a waste of time. But whatever, it’s April 22nd and all we have is time thanks to our underachieving Red Wings.

First of all, we know a few guys aren’t going anywhere: Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Franzen, and Bertuzzi are either untouchable, have extraordinarily long (and horrible) contracts, or have NTCs. Bertuzzi isn’t a top six kind of player any more and can contribute from the third line:

xxx — Datsyuk — Franzen
xxx — Zetterberg — xxx
xxx — xxx — Bertuzzi
xxx — xxx — xxx

Darren Helm and Justin Abdelkader are restricted free agents and will be signed, you can just about guarantee that. Let’s slot them into the third and fourth line center roles, shall we?

xxx — Datsyuk — Franzen
xxx — Zetterberg — xxx
xxx — Helm — Bertuzzi
xxx — Abdelkader — xxx

Goose Nyquist proved he belongs on a scoring line and perhaps this early-exit wake-up call will be what the doctor ordered for Mr. Babcock to actually give a rookie a shot like that. Great chemistry with Pavel, let’s throw him there:

Nyquist — Datsyuk — Franzen
xxx — Zetterberg — xxx
xxx — Helm — Bertuzzi
xxx — Abdelkader — xxx

The ideal way of building a scoring line is to have two supremely skilled guys (one playmaker, and a trigger man) and team them up with someone to make some space for them. In other words, Nyquist and Datsyuk with Johan Franzen creating the time and space. For the second line, Zetterberg is your playmaker and any new top line player would be his trigger man. If the Wings CAN somehow pry Zach Parise (though I think it’s unlikely) or Alex Semin (who’s a head case), reviews he’d be slotted in there along side a new big man? There are a few big men available via the free agent market, but they’re old(er) and I don’t know how much that’d differentiate from the current Wings. Guys like Doan and Smyth… they’d be traditional Wing targets, but it’s time to look past that philosophy. I know he’s hated in L.A., but a guy like Dustin Penner could be a potential Red Wing reclamation project. Who knows…

Nyquist — Datsyuk — Franzen
Parise/Semin? — Zetterberg — New Big Man?
xxx — Helm — Bertuzzi
xxx — Abdelkader — xxx

You’ll notice that Valtteri Filppula hasn’t slotted in yet. And it really burns me to have to write that because I love that kid. But with so many, as JJ said in the comments of the last post, middle six forwards, they start to become redundant. Zetterberg isn’t going anywhere… which means Flip might have to. I’d be heartbroken, but he might have to be, by default, the body that’s moved via trade (along with prospects and/or picks) to get a trigger man or big man for the second line.

Drew Miller has more than earned his stripes and deserves a spot moving forward, not to mention he’s under contract, can contribute from the lower lines, and too much turnover isn’t what the doctor ordered.

Nyquist — Datsyuk — Franzen
Parise/Semin? — Zetterberg — New Big Man?
xxx — Helm — Bertuzzi
xxx — Abdelkader — Miller

That leaves two slots open (along with two healthy scratch slots) and a returning Dan Cleary, Jan Mursak, Cory Emmerton, Valtteri Filppula, and a bevy of prospects and free agent targets to fill them. I think that Emmerton will be held onto (he’s a center, so unless they can find another center they like better, why not hold on to the league minimum guy that already knows the system, since he won’t be expected to play many minutes anyway?). Same goes for Jan Mursak, who really hasn’t had a chance to show what he’s got. For giggles, let’s throw them in the press box for this game — and Dan Cleary rounding out that third line:

Nyquist — Datsyuk — Franzen
Parise/Semin? — Zetterberg — New Big Man?
Cleary — Helm — Bertuzzi
xxx — Abdelkader — Miller

That leaves us one slot, on the fourth line. It’s entirely possible they promote from within… someone like Tomas Tatar (who, like Nyquist, isn’t built for that role) or Joakim Andersson. Nobody else on the farm is ready for even that role… unless they really jump the gun on Riley Sheahan (but, to be clear, he’ll need some seasoning in Grand Rapids). Unless someone comes from Europe and blows the doors off of things (Teemu Pulkkinen, Calle Jarnkrok… neither of which is likely), they’ll be looking to the market again.

:: Top Six Trigger Man
:: Big Man to Protect Top Six
:: Fourth Line Energy Winger

:: Valtteri Filppula (the only movable part with any trade value whatsoever)
:: Johan Franzen (if there’s another CBA buyout window or someone, somehow, somewhere takes on that albatross of a contract)
:: Patrick Eaves (who is hoping to be ready for training camp, but may be redundant with Miller… also, who takes him given his health?)
:: Potentially Dan Cleary, given his health and age, etc.
:: Prospects like Landon Ferraro, Tomas Tatar (yes, he’s expendable), Joakim Andersson.


Well that was fun… how about the blueline? There are at least three holes currently, and some will sort themselves out… but the only guys that are signed for next season are Niklas Kronwall, Ian White, Jonathan Ericsson, and Jakub Kindl:

Kronwall — xxx
White — xxx
Kindl — Ericsson

Brendan Smith will almost certainly be on this team when the season opens. Whether he’s a top six guy or the de-facto 7th is yet to be seen, but I’d bet dollars to donuts he’s in the opening night lineup:

Kronwall — xxx
White — xxx
Smith — Ericsson

Nicklas Lidstrom is in control of his own fate. If he wants to return, he’ll be on the team. Period. He may not be the #1 guy any longer, but he’ll play as long as he wants to. Whether or not he wants to is another story, and we’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out. They’ll definitely chase free agents replacements, but it’s quasi-slim-pickings this summer. Guys like Ryan Suter, Dennis Wideman, Pavel Kubina, and Jaroslav Spacek will be available and some may be able to fill that void a little bit.

Kronwall — new big timer
White — Lidstrom
Smith — Ericsson

It’s entirely possible the Wings go to camp with more blueliners than they can use. There are a handful of top six guys available, but all they’d do is displace someone like Kindl. That list is fairy impressive, with Greg Zanon, Johnny Oduya, Chris Campoli, Milan Jurcina, and — blast from the past — Sheldon Souray on that list.

The restricted free agent defensemen is an incredible list, but I doubt any are available (unless their teams decide to trade their negotiating rights for whatever reason): Shea Weber, Mike Green, Matt Niskanen, and Erik Karlsson are in need of a new contract. I bet that zero of them make it to the market. Another RFA is Kyle Quincey… who I refuse to believe was acquired simply to be a rental. His play in the post-season wasn’t anything to write home about and he may be a tradeable asset at this point, particularly since it’ll take Ericsson-like money just to qualify him. That’s ugly. Also, who does he slot in for? You don’t pay a man 3.5M to sit in the press box. Nevertheless:

Kronwall — new big timer
White — Lidstrom
Smith — Ericsson

:: Nick Lidstrom’s decision
:: A top-flight defender, Lidstrom or otherwise
:: Another top six that can play NHL minutes

:: Jakub Kindl (he doesn’t have much value on his own, but he could be packaged)
:: Kyle Quincey (may be a desirable piece for the right team)

Let’s posit another dream scenario… I doubt it’s likely because they’re division rivals and the alleged asking price is absolutely absurd (and the Wings simply DON’T have the pieces to make it happen), but Rick Nash is going to be moved at some point. Perhaps the price comes down because the Blue Jackets find zero suitors, but he’d slot in nicely on that other scoring line… potentially as both the big man AND the trigger man. But that’s the kind of move the team needs to become relevant again.

1. There needs to be changes. And relevant ones.
2. A top six goal scorer is a MINIMUM requirement.
3. They will likely need a big body for the top six, as well.
4. Even if Lidstrom returns, they’d probably like to add a new top defenseman.
5. They will need to allow prospects to actually play if they can.
6. They will be able to move some of our “middle six” guys, even if it means only acquiring draft picks for now.
7. Another bottom pairing defenseman couldn’t hurt.
8. Some of the changes will likely have to happen via trade since the free agent market isn’t exceptional.

9. Valtteri Filppula, Dan Cleary, and Jakub Kindl are the most likely, albeit not terribly likely, trade chips.
10. If someone was willing to take Johan Franzen and Kyle Quincey off of our hands, Godspeed little doodle.
11. The prospects that are worth anything are precisely the guys we can’t move. Jarnkrok, Pulkkinen, Jurco, Sheahan, Nyquist, Smith, and Almquist are dudes who will plug some of the holes that are coming soon.

12. Trading draft picks won’t help. First, the Wings don’t have a first rounder in this year’s draft.
13. This year’s draft sucks anyway.
14. 2013’s Draft will be the jam… the Wings are going to need some more bodies in the cupboard, but it’s the only chip they have.

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Some t-shirt-related news — including our nickname winner

First things things, thanks to @TheNorm41 for sharing the following photo, which features the magnificent new Ponggate shirts as mentioned in the Detroit Free Press this morning. Score:

Next, we’ve been alerted by the printer that the first batch of Todd Bertuzzi Ping Pong Sheriff shirts have been shipped. If you placed your order of the last few days, you should be receiving them early next week. Like always, we encourage you to snap a photo of yourself in them and post them to our for the whole world to see. Bonus points if you’re wearing it while chasing someone away from a ping pong table.

And finally, speaking of our Facebook page, it’s time to announce the winner of the 2011-12 TPL Nickname Submission contest. From forty (spectacular) semi-finalists, culled from hundreds of (brilliant) submissions… we found ourselves with the eight finalists voted by you, our beautiful readership. It is with great pleasure that we AETOS announce Zac MacRostie (@Flapjack_McZap) the winner of a t-shirt of his choosing for his Grumpy Old Men selection Jiri “I’ve Laid More Pipe in This Town Than Wabasha Plumbing” Hudler. Congratulations to all eight of our finalists — really fantastic submissions this time around and we look forward to doing it again next year.

Congratulations to the Nickname Finalists

Below are the eight finalists for The Production Line’s 2011-12 Nickname Submission Contest. The top vote-getter of the following will receive a t-shirt of their choosing from . Like all of the semi-final Alpari rounds, voting will commence on , so head over there and give a +1 to the nickname you think is deserving of being called this year’s champion. Voting will be active until Friday afternoon, so don’t delay!


Jiri “I’ve Laid More Pipe in This Town than Wabasha Plumbing” Hudler
— @Flapjack_McZap; ; Grumpy Old Men

Tomas “Professor Booty” Holmstrom
— @sigsegfalt; ; Beastie Boys

Nicklas “This is Red 5, I’m Going In” Lidstrom
— Chris; ; Return of the Jedi

Valtteri “Ultrasuede is a Miracle. This is Just Good Timing” Filppula
— @saraneuie; ; Homer’s Phobia

Mickey “And the Microphone Smells Like a Beer” Redmond
— @Breuker19; ; Billy Joel

Valtteri “Got a Last Name, Too. But I Can’t Pronounce It” Filppula
— justin13; ; The Fast and the Furious

Jonathan “Through Some Kind of Glitch in the Payroll Department, He Still Gets a Paycheck” Ericsson
— @sigsegfalt; ; Office Space

Nicklas “Your Clones Are Very Impressive. You Must Be Very Proud” Lidstrom
— @mrsotw; ; Star Wars Episode II

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