Wings climb back into playoffs (and raise $140 for H2H)


Wings 3-2

Mike Serven :: $34 [$15 for the goals, $19 for the win]

Vicky Bash, Victory :: $26
Nurse Nitz :: $10 [$5 for the victory, $5 for Nick’s goal]
Andy, Fight Night :: $9
Drew, Helm Street :: $6
Jennbikegirl :: $6
Rob, Etched in Cold :: $6
Brad Boswell :: $6
sigsegfalt :: $6
Sara :: $6
Ellen, Big Red Machine :: $6
Natalie, Scrappy Octopus :: $6
Beanie, Victory :: $5
AllisonRW96 :: $2
The Production Line :: $6
If you’re interested in joining the fight and have a fun pledge you want to share with The Production Line, Herm 2 Hockeytown, and Children’s Hospital, please let me know in the comments or via e-mail. Check out the TPL post introducing the fun times and check out everyone’s pledges!

The first period was all Detroit. Pavel Datsyuk’s dish to Tomas Holmstrom was magical. Welcome back, Dangle. It only took a few minutes to feel like the Red Wings we all know and love were back.

I missed the Johan Franzen goal because Monday is the best night on television. Let me explain: my DVR can record two things at once, but I can’t watch a third. As soon as The Big Bang Theory began (and was being recorded alongside Intervention), the channel was automatically changed. I ran into another room, and it was 2-0 Wings. I have nothing more to add except that you can buy Sheldon’s shirts here.

The Tweet of the Night? I have that for you… it’s from @Mariia19:

I can’t beleive my team is winning and the people that scored aren’t douchebags! i missed my red wings 🙂

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, wait… Johan Franzen seemed to score his second goal in a row. But, probably because he’s really pissed he can’t show off his awesome hair anymore, Kerry Fraser ruled no-goal. He then proceeded to scream at the crowd and call Tomas Holmstrom out by name, as if to give him a verbal parent-spank. The runner up for Tweet of the Night goes to @sigsegfalt:

B.S. no-goal call robs $17 worth of @H2Hockeytown donations. Kerry Fraser hates children.

To make matters worse, the Avs score almost immediately after the stanky call, on an eerily similar play. Paul Stastny (Silver Medalist) made incidental contact with Howard, just like Holmstrom made with Anderson, but the Avs goal stood up. Why not?

A few minutes later, Chris Stewart ties it at two. It was a shot that Jimmy Howard absolutely needs to stop. I call out Chris Osgood when he makes a dumbass play, and to be fair, I’ll do the same for Tiberius. It was epic – he’ll never have that long to watch a windup again. No excuse.

Hey guys, do you remember how awesome Jonathan Ericsson and Jason Williams were before the Olympics? Neither do I. And neither did they.

Six days ahead of the Oscars, Craig Anderson thought maybe he’d toss his name into the hat as a late entrant to the Best Actor category (good luck overtaking Jeff Bridges this close to the ceremony, Craig) with an unbelievable flop after bumping into Holmstrom. And — wouldn’t ya know it — the Wings are on the kill again.

The game winner from Nicklas Lidstrom was another classic Datsyuk play. He probably could have scored himself after faking out every Colorado Avalanche – Anderson included – and most of the lower bowl before dishing to a wide open Shiny Nickel.

Late in the game, Holmstrom and Adam Foote got matching minors after jousting much of the game. Earlier in the evening, the Versus crew almost orgasmed all over themselves talking about how maybe these two warriors would fight. They obviously reside in MaybeFifteenYearsAgoButStillProbablyNotLand.

1. Intensity was good. A lot of the Red Wings looked pissed off. Good. Get in the playoffs and stay there.
2. The obvious catalyst appears to be Pavel Datsyuk. He was fantastic.
3. Howard played okay. He made saves – particularly in the final minute – that kept the Wings ahead. But, like mentioned above, the second goal against left plenty to be desired.
4. Lilja did look a bit rusty, but that’s to be expected after a year away from the speed of an NHL game. He only logged nine and a half minutes, so they’re obvious weening him back onto regular duty.

Canucks on Wednesday. If you’d like to join the crew and pledge some dough for every Red Wings goal or other random phenomenon (details here), shoot me an e-mail.

Photo Credit: David Zalubowski, AP

Mar 1 :: Back to reality

If you missed it, check out the earlier TPL post hunting for goal pledges! Tonight is sponsored by Drew from Nightmare on Helm Street, Jennbikegirl, Ellen from Big Red Machine, Rob from Etched in Cold, and Brad. Each Red Wings goal earns $12 for Children’s Hospital tonight!

In addition, Nurse Nitz is going to drop a $5 bonus on every Red Wings win. Booyah!


The NHL season kicks back up… and in a joke that could only be perpetrated by the National Hockey League and Gary Bettman, the ONLY game of the night features our Detroit Red Wings. They’re in Colorado, puck drop at 9pm Eastern. Two guys that were teammates yesterday (Silver Medalists Brian Rafalski and Peter Stastny) will now faceoff against one another.


1. With only 21 games left in the season, and the Wings on the outside looking in, nearly every game from here on out is a must-win. It’s going to be a climb.
2. Andreas Lilja has been activated from IR. His last NHL game was 366 days ago.
3. As great as the Olympics were, it’s time for NHL hockey again. Perhaps tonight we can begin to wash the bad taste of Jesus H. Crosby out of our mouths with a victory. The break seems to have rehabilitated some banged up bodies, but Valtteri Filppula and Brian Rafalski played through the medal games (with Rafalski being named the tournament’s best defenseman), not to mention Mike Babcock coached the incredible underdogs from north of the border.

The last time the Wings and Avs played, it was New Years Eve. The Wings were 4-2 winners with goals from Datsyuk, Ville “Who?” Leino, and a pair from Darren Helm.
:: Kyle Quincey is a former Red Wing toiling in Denver.
:: Now that Brad May is in Grand Rapids, there are no former Avs in Detroit.
:: Milan Hejduk is the BNN.
–Detroit beat Ottawa 4-1 on February 13th.
–Colorado lost to LA 3-0, also on February 13th.
–Detroit Red Wings :: 28-21-12 (3rd in Central, 10th in West) :: 12-13-7 on the road.
–Colorado Nordiques :: 35-20-6 (2nd in Northwest, 6th in West) :: 20-8-2 at home.
Duchene :: O’Reilly :: Leukerbad :: Stastny :: Wolski :: Cumiskey :: Foote :: Liles :: Anderson
Andreas Lilja is in for the first time in a year and a day. Brian Rafalski is a maybe (being that he played a pretty intense game yesterday…perhaps you heard about it). If he can’t go, Lebda will be in the lineup.

Franzen — Datsyuk — Holmstrom
Cleary — Zetterberg — Bertuzzi
Miller — Filppula — Williams
Draper — Helm — Eaves

Lidstrom — Rafalski
Kronwall — Stuart
Ericsson — Lilja
Howard (starting)
You can thank Chris Hollis for today’s nickname theme, even though he doesn’t know he indirectly caused it… he said that “jailsexed” reminds him of Marvin Gaye. I have absolutely no idea why, but I like Marvin Gaye, so…
Brett “Rockin’ After Midnight” Lebda
Derek “Distant Lover” Meech
Kirk “What Good Am I Without You?” Maltby
1. The break should have done some bodies good, but will the players who were involved in the Olympics be able to keep up the intensity of the last two weeks?
2. At no point this season will the Red Wings have zero bodies on IR. Lilja is off of IR for the first time, but Maltby will be on it for the rest of the season. Allow me to repeat: 82 NHL games with at least one player injured. This has been a trying year, but no one has given up on the playoffs yet, so who is going to assert themselves as catalysts?
3. This is Jimmy Howard’s team to carry… and he’s been the MVP of the Wings so far this season. Tonight’s important because it’ll show if he was just carrying momentum… or if he’s a for-real reliable goaltender.
4. New-look defense with Lilja. Will there be rust?
WHAT WE LEARNED in the Olympics
The Red Wings could learn a few things from Team USA’s play in the Olympics. A strong forecheck, relentless physicality (not the kind Chris Neil brings….the kind Jamie Langenbrunner/Pavel Datsyuk bring).

AV WE COVET (JJ Special)
When I expressed to JJ that the obvious choice today of all days would be Paul Stastny, but we both agreed that he was a bit underwhelming in the tournament — at least when compared to Patrick Kane and Zach Parise. JJ brought the goods:

Honestly, I thought Paul Stastny was probably one of the least effective forwards on the USA roster. If I’m taking an Olympian from those goons, I’d take Ruslan Salei (maybe they’ll give him up in a trade for Bertuzzi? BWAHAHA!)

But, since my brain is permanently set on March 26th, I can’t in good conscience take a member of the former ‘Dique empire. I also can’t in good taste take an actual avalanche, so I’ll go with the next best thing, a mudslide!

Woo, ladies! Half of this thing is going straight to my head and the other half straight to my thighs! Let’s go ride the mechanical bull over at the Saddle Ranch! Yee-haw!

Hockey Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio, AP

A Call to H2H/TPL Action

***UPDATE 27 :: Friday, March 12***
Ben from Below the Crossbar wants in on the action for the last half-dozen. He pledges cash for the follow phenomena:
 :: $1.30 for every Datsyuk point
 :: $4.30 for every Helm goal
 :: $5 for every Osgood start
 :: $10 for every shutout
 :: $3 for every win ($5 for the Penguins)

***UPDATE 26 :: Friday late night***
Frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for someone to come with the Contuzzi Love. My cousin Jeff has pledged $1 for every Todd Bertuzzi penalty minute between now and H2H. We’re guaranteed some cash on this one!

***UPDATE 25 :: Friday evening***
Rob Masters of Etched in Cold comes in again. I urge you to check out his post at EIC for a better explanation, but here’s the gist: he’ll donate $9 for Helm’s 9th goal, $10 for Helm’s 10th goal, and so on…

Also, each goal scored by a defenseman from below the faceoff dots is an extra $2 (on top of the $2 he’s already pledged for each goal between now and H2H).

***UPDATE 24 :: Friday***
From TPL Mom:

It looks like I need to hop aboard this frolicking, jailsexed train and pony up some cabbage. Michael, as you and I discussed, I was going to plege $2 for every goal scored (ours or the opponents) while the Big Rig was on the ice ’til the end of the season(I know a WIND-FALL for the kids right?!?) Since he’s not in the game tonight (and may not ever be in again) here’s $17 (his current minus stat) Next, if Patrick Eaves scores tonight or Sunday..$17. If Darren Helm scores tonight or Sunday…$17 more (his current pt total) Finally, since Lidstom’s +/- is +17, $17 for each goal he scores tonight and Sunday. C’mon Nick!! Have to run for now; have an urge to find a roulette table…. 

***UPDATE 23 :: Thursday Night***
Greg, perhaps better known as CaptNorris5 of The Winged Wheel, sent me an awesome e-mail (if you’re not super familiar with TWW, go now because the rest of this update is pretty much an extension of it). And I quote….

“in the spirit of Captain Norris himself, I’ll throw down $5 for every time I get to move Babcock up his ladder toward the above ground pool full of fake tits and Jack Adams trophies. $5 for a win, and $2.50 for an OT loss. Plus, I think as a bonus, and just to make your life more complicated and difficult, I’d like to throw in an extra $2.20 for every time Lebda is scratched.”

Well, Lebda’s back in tomorrow, but I’m sure he’ll find his way into the press box. Ya know, for the kids.

***UPDATE 22 :: Thursday***
Clearly inspired by what he saw from the twelfth row last night, my dad has pledged 10% of the total raised at the end of the twelve games. So, the $207 raised so far equals another $20.70.

***UPDATE 21 :: Wednesday***
Another pledge from Krononymous, this time referring to the Chicago Blackhawks game on NBC this Sunday. $2 for every gratuitous mention of Sidney Crosby, since he’s not in any way involved in that game. $2 for each airing of the Crosby/Talbot washing machine commercials. $5 for each intermission story done about Sidney Crosby.

***UPDATE 20 :: 8:23pm, Tuesday***

A couple of updates today, from two of our favorites. First, Jennbikegirl is adding to her pledge. On March 5th, against Nashville, $5 for every Kronwall hit. On March 22, against Pittsburgh, each goal is $4. If Crosby is held pointless, that’s a $10 bonus!
Another super commenter, Baroque, has pledged $5 for every Nick Lidstrom point until the 25th. AWESOME!
Chris Hollis wants your direct messages on Twitter. For every correct trade prediction, he’ll donate $5 to the fund! For details, check out his post at Motown Wings.
***UPDATE 19 :: 10:50am***
Another TPL regular, Sara, has matched our $2 per goal pledge, and added that each goal scored by a Euro Twin is worth double!

***UPDATE :: 2:02pm***
That was fast! Our good friend Drew from Nightmare on Helm Street is in. He’s going to match our $2/goal pledge from now until March 25th. He’s the first… who’s going to be second?

***UPDATE 2 :: 2:07pm***
Dena, that’s who. She pledged an additional $2/goal for the Hawks game on the 7th, the Flames game on the 9th, and the Penguins game on the 22nd. She’ll be in attendance all three nights, so she’ll bring some extra personal juju the Wings way!

***UPDATE 3 :: 2:15pm***
Make it three… one of our very best friends, Natalie from the Scrappy Octopus, has joined the fight. She’ll match our donation of $2/goal for the upcoming Canucks, Predators, Hawks, and Pens. In addition, for all twelve games, $2 for every Tomas Holmstrom goal or assist. Keep ’em coming, Hockeytown!

***UPDATE 4 :: 2:25pm***
Another one of our very good friends, JJ from Kansas, is in. He’ll be matching our pledge against the Wild, Sabres, and Oilers. Almost every game has at least one pledger from now until March 26th, but we’ve got no problem doubling and tripling up!

***UPDATE 5 :: 2:32pm***
Wow, another full match! Yet ANOTHER one of our very good friends, Jennbikegirl, is down for all twelve games!

***UPDATE 6 :: 2:46pm***
Count Ellen of Big Red Machine in! She’s co-sponsoring tonight’s game with the Avalanche, along with Drew and Jenn.

***UPDATE 7 :: 3:51pm***
Now it’s time for something a little different! One of TPL’s favorites, Nurse Nitz, has pledged FIVE DOLLARS for every Red Wings WIN in March. Let’s hope we kick that off immediately. Not only that, she’ll donate $5 for every Nick Lidstrom goal. Booyah.

***UPDATE 8 :: 4:33pm***
Just like we could count on him during the original bet, our friend Rob Masters from Etched in Cold has joined TPL and pledged another $2 for all twelve. We now have five parties pledged for tonight’s Colorado game. Keep it coming!

***UPDATE 9 :: 5:17pm***
And we have a ninth! New friend Brad has pledged another $2 per goal for all twelve.

***UPDATE 10 :: 5:48pm***
And Krononymous makes it ten! She’s matching our pledge on March 7th vs. Chicago! Not only that, she’ll throw in an addition $5 for every Jimmy Howard or Chris Osgood shutout (so…. every Jimmy Howard shutout).

***UPDATE 11 :: 6:47pm***
Big news! Another doll of a reader, Vicky, is upping the ante a tiny bit. Her Direct Message on Twitter says the following:

Since Jimmah is 26 on the 26th, I’ll donate $26 for every game we win. I’m hoping to be out $312 to absolve myself from not being at the game.

***UPDATE 12 :: 6:57pm***
BOOM! From the comments rises Andy from Fight Night at the Joe, pledging to donate $9 (for his first jersey number) for every Red Wings victory from now until then! Each victory is now worth $40 in addition to the goals scored pledges. But wait, there’s more! Andy’s pledged an additional dollar for every Helm goal from now until then, paying homage to Herm’s favorite player! Later, drunkenly, Andy pledged $25 if the Wings win on the 7th, and $19 if the Wings win on the 19th

***UPDATE 13 :: 7:30pm***
Frankly, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this already….our good friend Maria has pledged $15 for every Todd Bertuzzi goal. What’s $15 x ZERO? HA!

***UPDATE 14 :: 7:37pm***
Our good buddy Mike Serven has pledged $19 for each Red Wings win, $5 for each Red Wings goal, and $5 if the Red Wings ARE shutout. Let’s hope those last $5 aren’t needed….but awesome generosity nonetheless.

***UPDATE 15 :: 8:43pm***
Wow, a very cool pledge this time. Jason, perhaps better known as sigsegfalt, has matched our pledge of $2 per goal, and will add an additional $5 for each fighting major and $10 for each spot the Red Wings climb from now until March 25th. That means if the Wings are in 7th by the time H2H comes around, there’s another $30!

***UPDATE 16 :: 8:49pm***
I hope these come right up until game time! Beanie is in for $5 per Red Wings win. By my count, that makes each win worth at least $64.

***UPDATE 17 :: 8:55pm***
What a great idea! Sara (it_burns_us) pledges $5 for every time Mickey Redmond says “Datsyukian.”

***UPDATE 18 :: 9:26pm***
Another one — $2 for any Flying Circus goal, pledged by Allison (allisonRW96). And Homer’s goal a few minutes ago counts!
Whoa! It’s March.

We’re less than four weeks away from the awesomeness that will be Herm 2 Hockeytown. Rob and I are both very excited to be there, watch some hockey, do some fundraisin’, meet some people, and maybe win some awesome prizes.

There are twelve Red Wings games before March 26th…and that got me thinking. When I made a bet with Maria regarding the outcome of the gold medal game, it added a bit of spice (not that it needed anymore spice). Hearing that our friend Rob matched our bet only added another layer to our idea…

Hear me out…

For every Red Wings goal from now until we get on the plane, Rob and I will donate $2 to the fund. In addition, we’d LOVE to have some of our loyal, awesome, jailsexed readers volunteer to match our donations for each game (or all of them, if you’re feeling super generous).

If you are interested in pledging an additional $2 per goal for any of the upcoming March Wings games, shoot me an e-mail at or send me a DM on Twitter. The TPL Pre-Games will be named in your honor and we can all share the joy/blame when things go awesome/terrible!